Heartbeat Love

再一次心跳 /  Zai Yi Ci Xin Tiao


  • Rainie Yang
  • Show Lo

Year: 2012

Episodes: 5 (10 mins)

Theme Song: 王见王 (Wang Jian Wang) by Rainie and Show


Rainie Yang (Xiao Yu) plays a girl stuck in a hotel room through lies and accidents with a gay guy played by Show Luo. Or say it ain?t so? C?mon, there are no accidents in this world. Her mission is to find the significance of Tasmania Islands, and his mission is to correct her wrong impression of him. Will this be fate to hearts beating a different drum or to becoming one unison heartbeat in destiny?

Essbee’s Opinion: 80

This mini-drama for me was like, a sweet surprise: short, but amazing. After the Show & Rainie collaboration in Hi My Sweetheart, I was really happy to see them acting again. In fact, I had no idea about this mini-story. I only saw the music video, that I will link at the bottom, and then, I realized there was a production between these two cutie and hottie.

So even if it was so short, the producers were able to put in a whole 16 hour drama into this little hour, making me laugh and cry. The tory is epic. Two people meeting in Australia, travelling, hating each other a bit… and then loving each other. But somehow, we discover it was impossible for them to be together…

So there’s nothing more to say.. if you have one hour of your time, just sit back on your chair/sofa and enjoy the show.


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