Heartbeat Love

再一次心跳 /  Zai Yi Ci Xin Tiao


  • Rainie Yang
  • Show Lo

Year: 2012

Episodes: 5 (10 mins)

Theme Song: 王见王 (Wang Jian Wang) by Rainie and Show


Rainie Yang (Xiao Yu) plays a girl stuck in a hotel room through lies and accidents with a gay guy played by Show Luo. Or say it ain?t so? C?mon, there are no accidents in this world. Her mission is to find the significance of Tasmania Islands, and his mission is to correct her wrong impression of him. Will this be fate to hearts beating a different drum or to becoming one unison heartbeat in destiny?

Essbee’s Opinion: 80

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Love You

 醉後決定愛上你 / Zui Hou Jue Ding Ai Shang Ni / Drunken to Love You


  • Rainie Yang as Lin Xiao Ru 林曉如
  • Joseph Chang as Song Jie Xiu 宋杰修
  • Tiffany Xu as Tang Ai Wei 唐艾薇 (Avril)
  • Huang Hong Sheng as Di Shuo Huai 耿爍懷
  • Tom Price (白梓軒) as Xiang Ting Wei 向霆威
  • Zhong Xin Ling as Cai meng Jun 蔡孟均
  • Kingone Wang as Ren Yi Xiang 任以翔

Year: 2011

Episodes: 20 (70 mins)

Ratings: 4.11

Opening: Bu An Pei Li Chu Pei (不按牌理出牌) by Magic Power

Ending: Hao De Shi Qing (好的事情) by Yan Jue 嚴爵


Two strangers, who both proposed marriage to their respective girl/boyfriend, were rejected on the same day. They decided that the best way to deal with the rejection was to get drunk, real drunk. During the 24 hours of their crazy drunkenness, these two stranger became fast friends and got married… to each other. When they finally sobered up, they embarked on a mission to undo every crazy thing they did while they were drunk and prayed that their girl/boyfriend wouldn’t find out. However, it turns out that Jie Xiu’s girlfriend, Ai Wei, doesn’t want a scandal affecting her movie so she asks him to stay married to Xiao Ru for three months.

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Hi My Sweetheart

海派甜心 / Hai Pai Tian Xin


  • Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu
  • Show Lo as Xue Hai/Lin Da Lang
  • Maggie Wu as Mo Li
  • Lee Wei as He Yan Feng

Year: 2009-2010

Episodes: (Average of 14 episodes of 76 min)

1-9 : 70 min
10-12 : 1h35
13 : 1h50
14 : 35 min

Ratings: 3.29

Opening: “Head Over Heels” 爱疯头 by Show Lo

Ending: “Rainie and Love” 雨爱  by Rainie Yang


Xue Hai was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Hangzhou. He was very rich, so he got a fake name, Lin Da Lang and disguised himself as a poor guy. Because of that, he often got bullied. However, his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from the bad people. Then, she became his first love. Sadly, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact. He thought she dumped him, so he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk to seek revenge.

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Why Why Love

换换爱 / Huan Huan Ai


  • Rainie Yang as Tong Jiadi
  • Mike He as Huoda
  • KingOne Wang as Huoyan
  • Michelle Chen as Liang Xiaonan

Year: 2007

Episodes: 9 (70 min) + 6 (90 min)

Opening: “The World I Want” 我要的世界 by KingOne Wang

Ending: “Oxygen Deprived” 缺氧 by Rainie Yang

  • “Exchange Love” 换换爱 by KingOne Wang
  • Welcome to my heart by KingOne Wang
  • “Wan Mei Bi Li” 完美比例 by Rainie Yang


Tong Jiadi (Rainie Yang) lives in a poor family. She needs to work a lot and has no time for love. One day, she was working with her best friend Xiao Nan (Michelle Chen) and they met the two brothers from a rich company. Huoyan (KingOne Wang), the good son, is the eldest and the perfect CEO. Huoda (Mike He), on the other side, is the youngest. He doesn’t care about school and his family’s company. He fools around every day and always race motorcycle. He hates his older brother, but Huoyan likes Huoda. Xiao Nan encourages Jiadi to date with the older brother, but they didn’t know what fate planned for the relationship between her and the brothers.

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Miss No Good

不良笑花 / Bu Liang Xiao Hua


  • Rainie Yang as Jiang Xiaohua
  • Wilber Pan as Tang Men
  • Michelle Chen as Jiang Mi
  • Dean Fujitoka as Jia Si Le

Year: 2008

Episodes: 14 (70 min)

Opening: “Take me away” 带我走 by Rainie Yang

Ending: “Summer Craziness” 夏日风 by Wilber Pan


Xiaohua, an out fashioned girl meets her childhood friend, Jia Si Le, now handsome as a prince. She asked the famous stylist, Tang Men, she met in a cab to help her get prettier. Of course, he hates her, but he’d never have imagined that her innocent character could affect him.

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To Get Her

爱就宅一起 / Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi


  • Rainie Yang as Momo
  • Jiro Wang as Mars
  • George Hu as Jiasen
  • Linda Liao as Chuchu

Year: 2008

Episodes: 12 (70 min)

Opening: “Yue Lai Yue Ai” 越来越爱 by Fahrenheit

Ending: “Mo Mo” 默默 by Fahrenheit


Mars (Jiro Wang) was a superstar who everybody loved. After getting negative publicity and because of one of his “co-worker”, he had to move out from his big, nice house to an apartment to share with Momo (Rainie Yang). She’s a very silent girl who lives in her own world with her prince. Her only friend is Jiasen (George Hu), a swimmer, but has a low IQ. Now, Momo and Mars lives together and go to the same class. How would their relationship develop?

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Devil Beside You

恶魔在身边 / E Mo Zai Shen Bian


  • Rainie Yang as Qi Yue
  • Mike He as Jiang Meng
  • KingOne Wangas Shang Yuan Yi
  • Tsai Pei Lin as Qing Zi
  • Ivy Fan as Xin Li Xiang

Year: 2005

Episodes: 20 (45 min)

Opening: “Jerk” 臭男人 by 黄义达

Ending: “Ai Mei” 暧昧 by Rainie Yang

Devil Beside You OST


When Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) finally decides to confess her love to the handsome Yuanyi (KingOne Wang), the basketball team’s captain, she accidently gave her love letter to the devil of the school, Jiang Meng (Mike He). He blackmails Qi Yue and she had to be his personal servant. However, she bears him because she feels that life is great with Yuanyi.

Later on, her mom finds her love and he is the dad of Jiang Meng. Now, she has to live with him, in the same house. The worst was when he enters in the basketball team and Qi Yue is the manager of the team. Now, they must be together at school, at home, and during afterschool activities…

Little by little, always being together made them being close more and more, but they are now brother and sister. Who would accept that?

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