Heartbeat Love

再一次心跳 /  Zai Yi Ci Xin Tiao


  • Rainie Yang
  • Show Lo

Year: 2012

Episodes: 5 (10 mins)

Theme Song: 王见王 (Wang Jian Wang) by Rainie and Show


Rainie Yang (Xiao Yu) plays a girl stuck in a hotel room through lies and accidents with a gay guy played by Show Luo. Or say it ain?t so? C?mon, there are no accidents in this world. Her mission is to find the significance of Tasmania Islands, and his mission is to correct her wrong impression of him. Will this be fate to hearts beating a different drum or to becoming one unison heartbeat in destiny?

Essbee’s Opinion: 80

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The Outsiders 2

斗鱼 2 / Fighting Fish 2


  • Dylan Kuo as Yu Hao
  • Ady An as Xiao Yan Zi
  • Michael Zhang as Ah Qi
  • Show Lo as Ah Lie
  • Joelle Lu as Hong Dou

Year: 2004

Episodes: 20 (45 min)

Opening: “Hui Se Kong Jian” 灰色空间 by Show Lo

Ending: “Ni Shuo” 你说 by Chen Ke Hao

Season 1.


In order to not let herself be Yu Hao‘s burden any longer, Yu Yan tries diligently to get rid of her delicate and weak image and turns herself into “the big sister”. Even though Yu Hao doesn’t like Yu Yan’s transformation, yet he is unable to stop her. As a result, misunderstandings and conflicting opinions gradually draws a barrier between them.
On the other hand, because of Yu Hao’s popularity, the boss of the Eagle Gang, Xiong Ge, wants to dampen Yu Hao’s spirit and plans to bring up conflicts between Yu Hao and other gangs. This causes Yu Hao to be faced with a crisis
from both the good and the bad sides. At this time, under-cover cop, Ah Lie secretly shows up at Yu Hao’s side and becomes good friends with him. Step by step, he gathers information on the gang’s affairs and wants to destroy the Eagle Gang with one blow.
Just when Yu Hao and Yu Yan’s relationship starts to get intense and unknowingly allows a “wolf” into their circle, the policeman who has helped Yu Hao ever since he was a child – Hui Shu – gets the information that Yu Hao is going to be framed by someone and could be used as a target for peace. Hui Shu does his best to convince Yu Hao to temporarily leave the mafia, lay low until something blows over, or else, once Yu Hao gets locked away in prison, at least four years of his youth would be lost.
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Show Lo

Official Song Link:

Wu Fa Wu Tian 舞法舞天


  • Also Known As : Alan Luo, Xiao Zhu (小猪)
  • Birthday : July 30, 1979 [30 years old]
  • Birthplace : Taiwan
  • Height : 180cm (5’10”)
  • Weight: 68kg (150 lbs)
  • Spoken Languages: Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese, learning English
  • Blood Type: O
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Zodiac: Goat
  • Brand Name: STAGE

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Corner With Love

转角遇到爱 zhuan jiao yu dao ai


  • Show Lo (Qin Lang)
  • Barbie Xu (Xin Lei)
  • Lu Jia Xin (Cai Xiao Yang)
  • Dean Fujioka (An Teng Feng)

Year: 2007

Episodes: 16 (70min) or 23 (45min)

Ratings: 3.59

Opening: “Ai De Yong Qi” 爱的勇气 by Megan Lai

Ending: “Ai Zhuan Jiao” 爱转角 by Show Lo


Xin Lei was born from a wealthy family, and Qin Lang is a guy that came to Shanghai because he wanted to pursue his dream: drawing. These two people will meet each other by accident, when her car and his bike crash into each other. The first meeting wasn’t that great. Their relationship will start when Xin Lei wants to learn how to make oyster pancakes, so Qin Lan will teach him. Later on, her parents’ company goes bankrupt and they are hiding in USA without telling her. Now she’s alone and doesn’t have any money. Her parents only left her a key of a house in Taiwan. During this time, Qin Lan told her that he was going to live in Taiwan with her grandmother. However, when she finally arrives in Taiwan, she finds out that the house was actually Qin Lan’s family’s. After all the disagreements, his grandmother lets her stay. How their relationship is going to change?

by Wimmymui

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Hi My Sweetheart

海派甜心 / Hai Pai Tian Xin


  • Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu
  • Show Lo as Xue Hai/Lin Da Lang
  • Maggie Wu as Mo Li
  • Lee Wei as He Yan Feng

Year: 2009-2010

Episodes: (Average of 14 episodes of 76 min)

1-9 : 70 min
10-12 : 1h35
13 : 1h50
14 : 35 min

Ratings: 3.29

Opening: “Head Over Heels” 爱疯头 by Show Lo

Ending: “Rainie and Love” 雨爱  by Rainie Yang


Xue Hai was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Hangzhou. He was very rich, so he got a fake name, Lin Da Lang and disguised himself as a poor guy. Because of that, he often got bullied. However, his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from the bad people. Then, she became his first love. Sadly, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact. He thought she dumped him, so he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk to seek revenge.

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Hot Shot

篮球火 / Lan Qiu Huo


  • Show Lo as Yuan Da Ying
  • Jerry Yan as Dong Fang Xiang
  • Tracy Zhou as Jie’Er
  • Coco Jiang as W
  • Wu Zun as Wu Ji Zun

Year: 2008

Episodes: 16 (70 minutes)

Opening: “Hot Shot” 个中强手 by Show Lo

Ending: “Half” 一半 by Jerry Yan


Yuan Da Ying is a guy who loves to play basketball, but his grandma never let him play. Dong Fang Xiang is a much known basketball player and he is forced by his grandpa to play. When they both got to the same school, they’ll form a new basketball team with three other members and become the strongest team in the league. This team, led by W, a NBA coach and supported by Jie Er, a good friend, went through many victories. However, they’ll meet new kinds of adversaries such as Can or Wu Ji Zun.

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