The Queen of SOP

The Price of Being a Leftover Lady / 胜女的代价 / SOP女王

The Queen of SOP


  • Zhang Han as Tang Jun / Tom
  • Chen Qiao En as Lin Xiao Jie
  • Godfrey Gao as Gao Zi Qi
  • Zhang Meng as Zeng Chu Chu
  • Coco Jiang as Bai Ji Qing

Year: 2012

Episodes: 30 (45 mins)

Opening: Enjoy Being Lonely by Chen Qiao En

Ending: Being the Friend who Loves You Most by Zhang Han


After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings.

Essbee’s Opinion


I missed this good Chen Qiao En. She is such an awesome actress and I was just expecting a lot from her. On the other hand, Zhang Han is also an actor I really liked. I was just wondering how the mix of Chinese VS Taiwanese would do… and it actually turned out really well. I actually had no idea what the story was about when I started it and I just loved it. The twists and turns… they were real good. The story wasn’t dragging neither, which is a good thing for all of us.

I think the strong point of the drama is that it’s not all about love and hate. It has a “deeper” story behind it. It’s more complicated, yet not fake. And when I say complicated, believe me, you won’t get more twists and turns. Five main characters made the whole drama go up and down, but it was developed in a way that we would not get confused. At first, our Xiao Jie will be with the younger son of a rich CEO, fighting against his stepbrother for power. However, he was dating a celebrity who still loves him and in fact, he also still had feelings for her. Eventually, Xiao Jie discovers this secret relationship and felt cheated. She decides to meet her internet pal from London and moves there, also in order to pursue her dreams. Later on, she finds out that this man who supported her was the friend whom she met before. They become even closer.

This whole story has also a very interesting part of it which is her job. I know nothing about business, but it looks damn complicated and damn cool. I guess the environment makes everything look chic and professional, which is really awesome. 30 episodes of good looking peeps and cool setting, it’s worth watching. Also, I must say that the ending song for the OST is quite good and it’s sang by the main actor, who by the way, is a very Cute, even though his English was very off.

Anyways, great drama!

And by the way, I actually don’t remember exactly what SOP stands for. They explained it in the drama, at a point when they had to create a new business plan. It meant something like Standard Operating Procedure…

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