Flower Boys Next Door

My Neighbor Flower Boy / The Pretty Boy Next Door / My Flower Boy / 이웃집 꽃미남 / Yiootjib Kkotminam



Year: 2013

Episodes: 16 (60 mins)

Theme songs:

  • Ready-Merry-Go! by Romantic Punch
  • Wish It Was You by Lee Jung


Dok Mi is a young woman with a comfortable routine – every morning, she wakes up and spies on her good-looking neighbor, Tae Joon, from her window and voyeuristically copies his morning routine. Unable to face people, Dok Mi works as a freelance copy editor with as little interaction with the outside world as possible. But her comfortable, predictable existence comes to a halt when her peeping is discovered by Enrique, Tae Joon’s younger brother who returns from a year in Spain and moves in with him. Suddenly, Dok Mi finds herself surrounded by a menagerie of young, good-looking neighbors who will not let her live her life in solitude. Jin Rak, a web comic writer who lives next door with his drawing partner, Dong Hoon, is intrigued by Dok Mi and develops a new web series about her. Watanabe, an aspiring chef, also moves in on the same floor. Will these pretty boys allow Dok Mi to return to her reclusive lifestyle or will they force her to come out of her shell?

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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

제빵왕 김탁구 / Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo / Baker King, Kim Tak Goo / Bread, Love and Dreams / 面包王金卓求


  • Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Goo
  • Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung
  • Joo Won as Goo Ma Jun
  • Lee Young Ah as Jang Mi Sun

Year: 2010

Episodes: 30 (60 minutes)

Ratings: Peak=50.8%, Avg=38.6%

Ending: End of the Day (하루의 끝에) by V.O.S


Kim Tak Goo is the eldest son of Goo Il Jong, the president of GeoSeong Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Goo Il Jong’s family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to Il Jong’s mistress, a maid at his household. However, due to complicated circumstances, Tak Goo’s mother, Kim Mi Sun has been kidnapped and then, disappeared from the world. Tak Goo‘s determination to find his lost mother and to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.

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