Happy Michelin Kitchen

幸福三颗星 / Xing Fu San Ke Xing


  • Lan Cheng Long as An Shao Cheng
  • Cheryl Yang as Xin Duo Duo
  • Li Jin Ming as Li Ru Zhen
  • Wu Jian Fei as Gu Da Peng
  • Ying Er as Zhou Jia Qi
  • Li Zhi Nan as Ding Wei Gang

Year: 2012

Episodes: 32 (45mins)

Opening: 這一次愛妳 by Color Band

Ending: 說愛 不愛 by 陳思函(CSHA)

Related show: Happy & Love Forever and Sunny Happiness


Lan Cheng Long played a second generation restaurateur who falls in love with an ordinary looking but extraordinarily skilled chef played by Cheryl Yang.

Essbee’s Opinion


I decided to watch this drama because it was the 3rd of a series. I loved the second one, which was Sunny Happiness. However, I was greatly disappointed. The story was not very original as the girl-disguised-as-a-boy story is so common. The writers were not able to make it special. I have never really liked Cheryl Yang neither and she did not impress me in here. Of course, I got the eye candy Blue Lan… However, even then, the story was so plain that I just got bored. The story had some ups, but 32 episodes is really not worth it. The music was not really worth mentioning either. I do not recommend this…

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