My Brilliant Life

我的灿烂人生 / Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng / My Splendid Life / My Wonderful Life


  • Jerry Yan as Liu Yu Hao
  • Yedda Chen as Xia Qing Tian
  • He Bin as Gao Zhen Xuan
  • Xin Zi as Jiang Meng Yuan

Year: 2011

Episodes: 38 (45 minutes)

Opening: I’ll be there by Xin Zi and Mao Fang Yuan

Ending: My Splendor by Jerry Yan


Essbee’s Opinion


This drama was an exact replication of Shining Inheritance. Every single scene reminded me of the original storyline. However, the Chinese were sill able to make this drama longer. I wouldn’t know if it is because I already know the story, but I found it much less interesting. On the other hand, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Jerry Yan is back again. I really have nothing to say about him. I think he could play in 50 dramas with the same role and not get annoyed. He just have this charm. The lead girl is new to me. I did not really like her at the beginning, but i found her cuter later on. As for the supporting role, I find the 2nd guy pretty good. He did not annoy me like in the Korean version. The 2nd girl is also very nice. She had too much of a baby face for her role, but I guess that she handled it pretty well.

The reason why this drama did not get me hooked as much as Shining Inheritance is probably because the characters were less evil. It’s rather weird to say, but evil people make drama more interesting. The step-mother played an excellent role, but I never hated her to the point I’d stab her 40 times. I pities her more than everything. The grandma was adorable, but less passionate than the one in the Korean version.

I compare this version so much to the other one that I feel redundant. In brief, you guys got the idea, it’s less amazing that Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo. However, if you watched this for the first time, I’m sure that you’d ADORE it.

I have not really listened to any songs of the drama because none caught my attention. I was much more concentrated on the actors/characters. Also, the fact that my computer broke down right after I finished the drama did not help. I couldn’t really listen to many new songs.


NOTE: As I mentioned, my computer died a month ago. Now I’m back. However, I haven’t really seen any drama meanwhile…. I’ll get back into it as soon as I can…. But I’m heading into midterms… So who knows… ASAP I promise! Any suggestions of good dramas? 😀

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