My Brilliant Life

我的灿烂人生 / Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng / My Splendid Life / My Wonderful Life


  • Jerry Yan as Liu Yu Hao
  • Yedda Chen as Xia Qing Tian
  • He Bin as Gao Zhen Xuan
  • Xin Zi as Jiang Meng Yuan

Year: 2011

Episodes: 38 (45 minutes)

Opening: I’ll be there by Xin Zi and Mao Fang Yuan

Ending: My Splendor by Jerry Yan


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A Love to Kill

이 죽일놈의 사랑 / I Jukilnomui Sarang / Ijuksa / A Love to Kill / This love I want to kill/ The Love of Death / Detestable Love / Knock Out by Love


  • Bi Rain as Kang Bok Gu
  • Shin Min Ah as Cha Eun Seok
  • Kim Sa Rang as Han Da Jung
  • Lee Ki Woo as Kim Joon Sung

Year: 2005

Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 14.8 [Nationwide], 15.6% [Seoul]

Theme Songs:

  • Dream by K. Will
  • A Love to Kill by Lee So Young


In A Love to Kill, Rain plays a tough guy as the role of a K-1 Fighter, Kang Bok Gu. Bok Gu is a character who is dynamic in nature and grew up in a foster home. He falls in love with a woman whom he should not love. It was because of the woman, his emotionally-wounded brother fell off from the rooftop and became a human vegetable. So, his love is forbidden and inevitably tragic.

The woman is Cha Eun Seok who is a TV talent and movie actor. It was not that she jilted his brother on purpose, but upon a basis of misunderstanding, his hatred toward Cha Eun Seok grows more and more burning.

By becoming Cha Eun Seok’s private bodyguard, Bok Gu keeps concretely practicing his revenge upon her. He only desires ‘to bring his brother’s woman to her knees.’ He is gradually taking Cha Eun Seok to destruction, while he feels his love toward her growing deeper and deeper in his heart.

Bok Gu is a cold guy character without any special concern for woman. Martial art of hand-to-hand fighting was just kind of his escape he choose from the shock of a spinster’s death whom he loved from a distance.

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