Scent of a Woman

여인의 향기 / Yeoineui Hyanggi


  • Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae
  • Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook
  • Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk
  • Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung

Year: 2011

Episodes: 16 (60mins)

Ratings: 15.7 [Nationwide], 17.9 [Seoul]

Theme Songs:

  • You Are So Beautiful by Xiah Junsu
  • Us Again by Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook
  • Bluebird by Kim Ha Neul
  • Responsive by Lee Young Hyun
  • U & I by MBLAQ


A woman, Lee Yeon Jae, is given the grim prognosis that she only has a short time left to live. She decides to quit her job at a travel agency and live her life to the fullest.

Essbee’s Opinion


Scent of a Woman seemed to be one of the drama everybody liked. Even if the plot did not seem very interesting, I still decided to give it a try. Starting from the very beginning, there were already some stuffs that amazingly surprised me. The rich Department Head is NOT cold and arrogant… Well, he is, but not in the typical way. Even if his character was a little fake throughout the whole drama, I still loved him. The actual perfection of the drama was Kim Sun Ah. She is so pretty and such an amazing actress. If it wasn’t for her, the drama might not have been this successful.

I really loved how this drama is not only about whether Yeon Jae and Ji Wook would be together, forever. It’s all about living your life at the fullest.  Even if we’ve already seen the concept of ‘Last Six Months to Live”, I still feel that the main point was very touching. One of the characters that I loved the most was Hee Joo. She was very optimistic and really adorable. I think that her character was a little too much, but I still had to mention her

As for the supporting cast, I believe that Im Se Gyung could not be much more despicable than that. However, what I liked about her is that even he was really arrogant, she was able to recognize her mistakes… at the end. Sometimes, these girls become suddenly so nice at the end that it’s just not real. In here, at least, she stays herself. And of course, the doctor was a well developed character. He went from a subjective, strict, professional doctor to a caring men that actually think for his patients. I knew this actor from several dramas, and I have to say that he is just perfect every time.

I would not say that the drama had been overrated, since I really enjoyed it. The drama was settled really fast. Tack, tack, tack, we got in the middle of the whole event.One episode was enough for us to get to meet every character and understanding everything. Of course, in the middle, there were some episodes that were longer. However, everything got back to normal and ended in a very peaceful and wonderful tone.

I have to say that the drama is very original in many ways. There was the Bucket List concept that I loved. Everyone could do one, but we realize that death is the only thing that can make us do what we really want. Yeon Jae had written a very simple bucket list, yet realist and grand for herself. I also found the tango part very interesting. I had imagine tango a lot more intense than this, but I do understand that beginners have to learn. But it was just very beautiful to see.

I haven’t really noticed the OST while watching the drama, since the story was so much more of my interest. There was this one song that I’m sure everybody would remember from the drama. It is ‘You Are So Beautiful’ by Xiah Junsu. He made a cameo in the drama, and (since I never had been a crazy fan of DBSK or JYJ or Junsu himself) I was so surprised at how his voice is soft when he talks! There was also the duo of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook that was very meaningful to the plot.

So here is a very short trailer, but you just get to see the main characters and the basic plot. Since the whole drama is on YouTube and English subbed, it is very practical to watch.


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