Rainbow Sweetheart

彩虹甜心 / Cai Hong Tian Xin


  • Jimmy Lin as Shao Feng
  • Cherrie Ying as Peng Xiao Qian
  • Zou Ting Wei as Xu Kai
  • Hou Shu as Luo Ying Ying

Year: 2011

Episodes: 35 (45 mins)

Opening: Xing Xing Hao (行行好) by Megan Lai

Ending: Color (颜色) by Jimmy Lin

Other songs:

  • You Are the One by Jimmy Lin
  • If It Wasn’t You (如果不是你) by Megan Lai
Related to My Girl and Hi My Sweetheart


Peng Xiao Qian is a commoner who lives in a life of running away for debtors because her father was a huge gambler. She gets small jobs, such as tour guide, to make a living and is a very good liar. One day, she gets a temporary job as a Chinese-Korean translator for the CEO of a hotel, Shao Feng. They meet several times afterwards, Shao Feng finds himself dealing with a liar and cheater. However, he offers her to become his fake cousin to help save the life of his grandfather. They will become cousins and live under the same roof. How will their relationship develop as they get closer and closer?

Essbee’s Opinion


This drama is a remake of My Girl As soon as I heard about this, I wanted to watch it because I loved the Korean version so much. Moreover, Jimmy Lin was acting in it. Actually, except him, I did not know of any other actors. When I started the drama, except the plot itself, I did not know much about the drama. Even after starting it, it took me a while to realize that the story was situated in Shen Zhen, not Taiwan. In fact, I am still not sure if the drama should be labeled Taiwanese or Chinese.

So first of all, the drama is a very decent remake. There were many scenes that drew me back to the Korean version. There was especially the oranges scene, the pepper eating scene and… many more. The only detail that was different was that the birthday of the girl was on snowy days in My Girl, while here, it was when they see a rainbow.

So basically, the summary tell the beginning of the story. During the whole drama, it’s about the issue of not getting caught and our protagonists falling in love.

When I first started, I didn’t find the Xiao Qian very pretty. However, as the story went on, I found her very charismatic. Even though she was a liar, she still has a very good heart. We could clearly see that see cared for a lot of people, including her gambling father who was quite despicable. In contrast, I found Ying Ying, the pianist, very child like. Things are sometimes unfair for her, but her reactions were very annoying. Also, she went through a dramatic change in personality twice in the drama, which is not very realistic, but I did like her acting.

Shao Feng is actually the typical cold, arrogant CEO. However, we realise very early that he really cares for his family. As soon as Xiao Qian entered his family, he took good care of her. Even if he seems very serious, he is so innocent sometimes. And of course, I have to mention his best friend Xu Kai. This guy was a playboy and flirts with any girl he could. He had girlfriends from everywhere around the world. However, as soon as he meets Xiao Qian, he develops feeling for her. It is kind of sad to know that they would never end up together. He really was there for her all the time. This was not even one moment where he thought of himself first. Actually, the actor is quite handsome and has this little ‘Lee Jun Ki’ (the actor for this character in My Girl) feel in him.

So apart from this four main characters, we got a whole set of frustrating parents. First of all, the father is just stupid and irresponsible. I cannot even hate him, it just seems as if he was meant to be ignorant. The grandfather is very nice. However, he is so willful. He would get angry for nothing, but have everyone protect him because he is old and sick. A lot of old people are like this, but it’s just hard to show respect for them.

Then, we have Xu Kai’s mother. She would be the usual ‘evil’ mother from other dramas. However, since she didn’t have much to object, her ‘evilness’ did not come out. The person I hated the most was Ying Ying’s mother. Since the first time I’ve seen her, I realized that I would despise her, ’till the end. I could not believe how much ego she had. She basically destroyed her daughter’s life…. and her own. And I couldn’t belief that even after she realizes she was wrong, she did not change.

I also have to mention how I liked the couple in Shao family. They were a little too cheesy, but it was just so sweet. And of course, Xiao Qian’s friend and Shao Feng’s secretary relationship is quite funny too.

I general, the whole drama was not too redundant even if at certain points, things were getting a little repetitive. The part I had the most hard time to bear was in the late 20 episodes… It was just so unrealistic how everything was happening at the same time. There was too much coincidence and things were just getting so complicated. [spoiler]Then, around episode 30, we got the usual car accident and loss of memory. I expected it to happen, but that was just a total lack of originality. [/spoiler] But in general, I really enjoyed it. I was surprised of how good the remake was. The feeling was good, but I did not find this drama outstanding.

I have to say that the four songs were all amazing. I especially loved Megan Lai’s ‘If it’s Wasn’t You’. It is the one we always hear during those heartbreaking moments.

PS. The drama is ‘related’ to Hi My Sweetheart because the production team is the same, with Lin He Long as director. They are now planning the third drama of the same series of ‘Sweethearts’. I’ll looking forward to the third of the trilogy.



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