Autumn Tale

가을동화 / Gaeul Donghwa / Endless Love 1 / Autumn in my Heart


  • Song Seung Hun as Yun Joon Suh
  • Song Hye Kyo as Yun/Choi Eun Suh
  • Won Bin as Han Tae Suhk
  • Han Na Na as Shin Yu Mi
  • Han Chae Young as Choi/Yun Shin Ae

Year: 2000

Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 38.6%

Theme Song: Reason by Jung Il Young


Yoon Joon-suh and Yoon Eun-suh grew up as siblings but Eun-suh was in fact from a different family as there was a mixed up at the hospital where she was borned.The switch came to light when Eun-suh was involved in a car accident and it was discovered that her blood type was different from her parents. Eun-suh’s life took a complete turn when the 2 girls were returned to their respective families. Soon after, the Yoon family left for the States and Eun-suh was left living in sordid condition with her real family in Korea. Years after, Joon-suh returned to Korea and by chance the two former siblings were reunited.

Essbee’s Opinion – Sorry about the post ‘leak’ for my subscribers.


So basically, I heard so many good things about this drama in the past. I never got the chance of watching it, since I was really not in the mood of a melodrama. I always felt like I needed happy endings. However, I recently watched Fall In Love, which is the Chinese remake of this drama. After I finished it, I really wanted to compare these two versions.

My first impression was that the drama is soo old. The childhood part must have been in the early 90s and the story itself was set in 2000. The phones were so ugly and the dressing style was so outdated. I mean, it was only a decade ago, how can things have changed so much! And also, I think that the dark lipstick was the top fashion thing back then. The songs are also old-styled. There is none that really got to me, but I’m sure that I would have loved them if I watched this drama in 2000.

As for the actors, I feel like it had been the debut of many actors and actresses. I clearly noticed the presence of Moon Geun Young as the young Eun-Suh. Then, of course Song Hye Kyo who looks not much more different than her today. There was the super handsome Song Seung Hun and Won Bin. Actually, 10 years have passed and they do not seem much older neither. I would also mention Han Chae Young, the gorgeous “barbie doll” of Korea. I feel like her eyes were different back then from today. Plastic surgery?

Except the fact the everything was so old, even the filming techniques, I found the drama much better than Fall In Love. The childhood part was not too long and we fell straight into the whole brother/sister romance. At every moment of the story, I could feel the sadness and despair of every character. Even if I would be one of those who would be against their relationship, I still enjoyed watching this drama. I feel like the characters are much more down-to-earth than many characters from nowadays drama.

Of course, the obstacles the protagonists had to overcome were very cruel. However, the worst is of course at the end. [SpoilerWhenever someone dies, I start crying nonstop. Now, it is the female lead who suffers and her acting is so good that I felt the pain. [/Spoiler]


One thought on “Autumn Tale

  1. Yep the songs is great if you listened in 2000 🙂 I still have it in my mp3 cause whenever I listen to it, I remember my childhood..there an old feeling to it which bring back memories hehe It great that you watch it : Another old movie suggestion:”The hotelier” Starring song hye kyo too and Hot bae yong joon I just watch it recently and like it too

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