Fall In Love

一不小心爱上你 / Yī Bùxiǎo Xīn Ài Shàng Nǐ


  • Zhang Han as Qin Lang
  • Jiang Kai Tong as Qin Qing / Lan Qingqing
  • Dennis Oh as Shi Ang
  • Pan Zhi Lin as Mi Li

Year: 2011

Episodes: 32 (45 minutes)

Ratings: 1.30

Opening: Yi Bu Xiao Xin Ai Shang Ni (一不小心爱上你) by Zhang Han & Jiang Ying Rong

Ending: Can Que (残缺) by Li Wei 李炜

Insert Songs: Jin Sheng Jin Shi (今生今世) by Zhang Jie

Yan Lei (眼泪) by Wu La


Qin Qing who lived in a wealthy family until she was 12, when she learned that she and another poor girl Mi Li were switched at birth. Ever-since their lives totally change as both family agree to switch back the two girls rightful identity. Qin Qing and her former brother Qin Lang had a close relationship, both unable to forget each other even after 10 years. Eventually after 10 years of separation Qin Lang return to find Qin Qing whom both fell in love.

Essbee’s Opinion


This is a drama inspired by the popular Korean drama, Autumn in my Heart/Endless Love 1 /Autumn Tale. I have heard of that well-known drama, but I never had the chance to watch it. Instead, I jumped into this Chinese version, because of the presence of actor Zhang Han.However, I have started the Korean version, so I will be able to compare those two when I finish it.

As of now, I feel that the story was really long. The beginning was never-ending, but I accepted it, since many dramas takes a lot of time to settle the situation. However, even after 10 episodes, 20 episodes, things do not change that much. It is always the same, over and over again. However, the last 10 episodes were much more interesting. I was so much more into it.

I have to say that I really liked the acting of each person. I’ll start by saying the the three main actresses were in their early 20s. They were awesome, especially the actress playing Mi Li. Hating her more than I did would be almost impossible. Actually, I have hated every single character. They were all so wrong at a certain point.

As a person who does not know about the original version, I can consider the drama pretty surprising, only near the ending though. I feel like if the plot skipped episode 5 to 20, it would be perfect. So many things and twists happen that I really enjoyed it, while I was completely bored by the middle-part. I thought that it might be because of the lack of feelings at first. However, there were a few mini-stories that I found really interesting, such as the brother and Miss Zhang romance, which I found really cute. this differed from Autumn tale, and I loved how the Chinese version made it very amusing. There was also the past relationship between Qing Qing’s biological mother and Mi Li’s biological father. This also was not present in the Korea version, but I liked it, even if this idea was kind of far fetched.

I am actually happy that despite the beginning was bad, I could still finish it. I could see the positive sides of this drama. However, the ending was really shitty. I can compare it to the ending of Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower Together: a sudden twist. I will mention that the opposite happens in the Korean version. The story was clearly not concluded, and there will definitely be a sequel. I do not know if I will actually watch it, but I am really curious of what happens afterwards.

For now, I will conclude this review with the OST, which was not amazing. None of the songs got to me. In general, the plot was so banal that I cannot give it a high rating. But as I said, there were things that I found really interesting which I can give a thumb up.



One thought on “Fall In Love

  1. where can I watch this drama online with english subtitles? On Viki it’s been removed (except for episode 1) – thanks for your help.

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