Heading to the Ground

맨땅에 헤딩 / Maen-tang-e He-ding


  • Jung Yun Ho (U-Know from DBSK/TVXQ) as Cha Bong Gun
  • Go Ah Ra as Kang Hae Bin
  • Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Seung Woo
  • Lee Yoon Ji as Oh Yeon Yi

Year: 2009

Episodes: 16 (60 mins)

Ratings: 5.2% (Nationwide)

Theme Song: It’s Love by Taeyeon and Sunny (SNSD)


The drama about a man trying to achieve what is thought to be impossible: fulfilling his dreams of being a great soccer player. While pursuing his deam, Cha Bong Goon narrowly escapes death three times and also falls for his soccer agent Kang Hae Bin.

Essbee’s Opinion


I never thought of watching this drama. I thought that a drama about basket shouldn’t be that interesting. From one of my friends, I heard that it was actually quite good and it starred the actress from Who Are You and Yunho (from DBSK/TVXQ). I finally decided to try it out.

The story was very interesting at first. It was quite epic, but I liked it a lot. The development between every character was touching. One of the moral of the drama I figured out was: “You can win with money (Seung Woo), or with skills (Dong Ho), but never love”. I also really think that this drama is a lot more about relationships than the story itself.

To start off, the families of both protagonist are not complete. Bong Goon lives with his step-mother and his younger sister. He has an extremely good relationship with both of them. He’s actually the man of the family. The little girl is this smart kid who understands everyone around her. On the other side, Hae Bin lives alone because she doesn’t want to be with her step-mother, who is actually really nice to her. Hae Bin is also on a cold war with her father because of “that woman”.

As for the supporting characters, we have a nice girl and a mean guy. Yeon Yi is Bong Goon’s best friend since years. However, she will fall in love with him eventually and she will even reject another wonderful soccer player who loves her a lot. Seung Woo is a cold-blooded lawyer whom we really hate. He fools Hae Bim and always threatens Bong Goon’s soccer career.

There were many others who supported Bong Goon: his family and Hae Bin. There are also his team mates, who weren’t very nice towards him at first, but who became wonderful friends. Finally, we have this weird woman who was with him at the hospital when Bong Goon had an accident (which we see in the first seconds of the drama). Bong Goon saved her life and she would pay him back little by little.

The actings were all really good, except Yunho’s. He was really fake at first, but I think that he improved a lot during the whole drama. Go Ara is so pretty and her acting did not decieve me at all. Of course, the little girl’s acting impressed me because she’s such a young person. I also loved the acting of Kim Jae Seung (Lee Dong Ho) who looks a little like Kim Hyun Joong.

I would summarize this drama as a touching drama, and let’s not get fooled by the ratings, they don’t don’t represent everything. From the OST, I really adore Taeyeon and Sunny’s “It’s Love” and Lee Hyun Wook’s “I…”. Both wonderful songs matches the drama very well…

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