In Love With a Rich Girl

愛上千金美眉 / Ai Shang Qian Jin Mei Mei


  • Chen Qiao En as Ai Bi / Albee
  • Jason Hsu as Ye Wei Zhe
  • Wang Li Ren as Ou Wen Fang / Oprah
  • Zhou Li Cen as Su Zhen Zhen

Year: 2004
Episodes: 13 (45 minutes)
Opening: Shui Zui Piao Liang (誰最漂亮) Who’s The Prettiest? by 7Flowers
Ending: Xiang Xin Yong Yuan (相信永遠) Believe In Forever by 183Club & Jason Hsu


Albee (Chen Qiao En) is a pampered, high-class young lady who has never experienced any hardship in her life. On her birthday, just when she expects to be proposed to by her long-time boyfriend Huang Bo Cheng (Tian Jia Da), her life is turned upside down. Her father is forced to flee the country and she finds herself without a father, home, or even a boyfriend. Soon after she finds herself destitute, she reads in the tabloids that Huang Bo Cheng and her best friend Zhen Zhen have been secretly seeing each other. To make matters worse, she is being followed by a tabloid photographer (Jason Hsu). What will Albee do?

StrawBan’s Review:


This was one of the first dramas of Chen Qiao En I’ve watched! Her acting is also pretty good in here, but it obviously evolved and improved throughout the years. I kind of like the picture of her in here. It is a pretty epic story, indeed, but oh well. Life as a rich person is definitely not easy in dramas! I wonder if it’s like this in real life too. If it is … oh boy, poor poor them.

In here, she’s like the innocent child who has yet to come in contact with the outside world. She was protected from society since she was small, but when her father decides to leave the country, she finds herself moneyless and of course, she goes into a sort of depression. To be honest, her depression in my opinion lasted kind of long. Her character is really strong here, although it might not seem like it at first. I like how Jason Hsu is in here too. His acting is so refreshing! I don’t even know why.

THE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS ARE FREAKING ANNOYING! Especially that woman. Oh gooood. She is SO asking for a beating! To think that people change so much only because of money. What is our world turning into? Well, drama world … okay nevermind, I think it has always been like this in dramas haha.

The music is okay I guess, nothing too amazing about it. The songs by 7 Flowers do make me feel pretty princess-like. It sometimes has this soft and calming melodies. Their voices are really soothing too! Chen Qiao En is part of the group too! I did NOT know this before.

The ending was … I didn’t really like it. It seems too rushed and not enough. For the length of the drama, they could’ve at least explained some more or make it less in your face.


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