My Princess

마이 프린세스


  • Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young
  • Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol
  • Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Joo
  • Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo

Year: 2010

Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 16.7% (Seoul);


  • Because of You by B2st
  • Young Princess (fr. Moon Changmin) – Carl Kanosky
  • Bears by Dalmoon
  • Sunset by Every Single Day
  • Change by Every Single Day
  • Ma Eum by Every Single Day
  • Falling by Every Single Day
  • Wind Blow by Gayoon (4Minute)
  • Oasis by Jiyoon (4Minute)
  • Falling by Lee Sang Eun
  • The Last Song by Lucite Tokki
  • U.F.O by Ok Yohan
  • Kasio by Tar
  • Cherish that person by Yoseob


An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she’s a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette.

Essbee’s Opinion


This drama started off slowly, but it was a very cute story. Kim Tae Hee plays this adorable student who is “in love” with her teacher. She is really pretty and really naive. On the other side, we have this gorgeous man, Song Seung Hun, who plays this rich grandson who is very down-to-earth, but who still loves money. They will meet at a random event, but their affection will grow deeper through the episodes.

I would say the drama was awesome for the 8 first episodes. A lot was going on and all we could feel, as a viewer, was excitement to know what was about to happen to the princess AND to the couple. Some parts were hilarious while others were adorable. However, it seemed that it has reached its peak, because afterwards, the drama seemed to lose everything it had. Story was turning around, it was the same issue all the time. The plot was extremely predictable and the characters became suddenly boring. In the later episodes, things picked up. I feel more the drama side and the screenwriter dedicated more time for our main couple.

Of course, we had the time to discover all the characters better. Yoon Joo is just a selfish woman who hates everyone, but mostly hated by everyone. At a certain point, I didn’t care about her anymore, I thought that she should just get a life. On the other side, the teacher Nam is very appreciated. I liked him a lot at the beginning, but we don’t know what kind of person he really is. Is his job more important or his friend/student? I just hope that he won’t back stab Seul in the back suddenly. Another important supporting character is Seul’s sister. Even though she acts like a bitch, I don’t hate her at all. I feel understanding towards her, but I think that she could be more realistic and wake up.

This drama has a comedy side which I appreciate; I broke into laughter a few times. There are also adorable scenes, like when Ki Kwang dressed up as the princess. He and Seul’s main lady are both adorable and… will they form a couple? Even though there were some episodes of disappointment, the drama picked up well afterwards. If I had to describe this drama with one word, it would be CUTE. There were plenty of scenes that made me smile like crazy, only because it was “cute”.

I didn’t expect that, but this drama has a large number of songs in its OST. There are 14 non-instrumental songs (even more than Dream High!!). I will list them later on 😀


2 thoughts on “My Princess

  1. Lee Jin Soo has lots of fans especially female ones and he seems to be the perfect match for any woman but what no one knows is that he is actually a bit weird and sarcastic has lots of strange habits and holds a dark secret. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary Kang Seung Yeon who begged him for this job to become a pro instead of the below-average girl that she really is.

  2. The song, “The Last Song”. It’s opening sounds so familiar to me. Can you please tell me what song it sounds like?

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