Sungkyunkwan Scandal

성균관 스캔들


  • Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon
  • Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee
  • Song Joong Ki as Goo Yong Ha
  • Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin

Year: 2010

Episodes: 20 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 10.1% (Nationwide)

Ending: Too Love by Xiah Junsu


Due to her family’s dire financial situation, Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young) disguises herself as a man who works at a bookstore, transcribing books for noblemen. She decides to start taking tests for noblemen who are trying to become government officials, which leads her to meeting Lee Sun Joon (Micky Park Yoochun), son of Left State Minister who is the leader of the Noron faction. Sun Joon tricks her into taking the test and both enter the prestigious school Sungkyunkwan. As women are forbidden to enter the school, Yoon Hee has to take extra precautions, especially since she will have to deal with a malevolent student body president, Ha In Soo, keep up with the pranks of upperclassmate Gu Yong Ha, and keep from getting in the way of her grumpy second roommate Moon Jae Shin — all this while trying to control the growing love she has for Lee Sun Joon, who is also her roommate. Together, they grow and learn in the hopes of building a better Joseon.

Essbee’s Opinion: 79%

Surprisingly, I loved this historic drama. I would consider this as the first historic one if we don’t count the ones my parents were watching. I was totally into the story until episode 15, but afterwards, it became really draggy. They should have kept a 16 episode drama.

I think that the drama was interesting because of that girl being in a school for boy only, but in the ancient time. Of course, we all know that back then, this kind of thing was illegal (think of Mulan). I liked how they made the costume realistic (well, actually I don’t know if they were really like this back then, but it seemed real…) I had a lot of fun thinking how ugly it was (haha). Also, the rich girl’s costume were very weird…

In this drama, there were a lot of handsome guys. To start off, Micky from the famous (ex)DBSK/TVXQ and JYJ was handsome, but the costume made him look like a nerd. The character wasn’t THAT special neither. He wasn’t the one I enjoyed watching, it was for the others. Song Joon Ki acted a kind of playboy guy from the old times. He’s always wearing colorful suit’s and it looks really weird on hi. However, I just loved how he played tricks on anymore and he had the most bromance: smiling to everyone and always joking around with anyone. The other one is Yoo Ah In who played Jae Shin. He seems liked a crazy drunk at first, but we discover soo much about him! Isn’t he touching when he protects the girl? Finally, I have to mention Jun Tae Soo who was Han In Soo in the drama. I thought he looked like Ming Dao (Taiwanese actor), but I discovered that he was the younger brother of Ha Ji Won. I tried to find some similarities between them… maybe the nose? Anyways, his intense staring impressed me.

The girl, Kim Yoon Hee (Kim Yoon Shik when she had the male name) acted by Park Min Young, was quite pretty. I really didn’t like these Korean costumes because it didn’t look good on her, but I guess that the important is the character right?  After seeing so many girls disguise themselves as guys, I felt that the acting of this girl was really good. A LOT more natural than the others. She really acted as if she was a guy and taking a lot of precautions.

So I was saying that the 15 first episodes were amazing. They were funny and I really enjoyed discovering more about each character. Even though there were parts that were boring (such as the old people discussing “important” subjects, I couldn`t stop after every episode because the story was so interesting. However, the next episodes were soo long. They were always going around the same thing and it seemed endless. I forced my self to watch episode 16-19. Then, episode 20 was nice. There was a nice ending.

Even if I loved the first part, I wouldn’t say that it was my favorite. Moreover, the drama had largely disappointed me through the final parts. However, when you look at the ratings, it went from a low 7.7 to end with 13.5, which is a great improvement. JYJ participated to the OST and I liked all the songs, except “Youth Scandal” that didn’t match the drama AT ALL.


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