That Love Comes

欢迎爱光临 / Huan Ying Ai Guang Lin / Welcome Love (direct Translation)


  • Joe Cheng as Xia Tian (Summer)
  • Li Fei Er as Ye Zi
  • Emma Pei as Flora
  • Sun Jian as Wang Bao Qiang

Year: 2010

Episodes: 12 (30 minutes)

Opening: Dear Stranger (亲爱陌生人) Della Ding

Ending: Thank You for Being Wonderful (谢谢你的美好) by Yen-J


Ye Zi is a girl working at a convenience store in a big city. She has to support her family – her brother’s school fees and her late father’s debts. The day that she was finally going to be free of loans, a fashion photographer who recently came out of a 7 years-old relationship, Xia Tian, unintentionally steps in the store. With her head elsewhere, Ye Zi gave him the wrong change and the error almost crushed her dreams of living her own life. Fortunately, Xia Tian noticed and came back and slowly, the distance between them decreases. They each start to influence each other, but they still do live in different worlds. How will they figure this out?

StrawBan’s Review



Joe Cheng is back! Maybe it’s me, but I find that he changed a bit. I don’t know, maybe it’s his acting or something, but it doesn’t feel like the same. Probably because I’m way too used to seeing him with Ariel Lin :P. Well anyways! Starting off with the story. I guess it’s a pretty epic story. I think I could predict almost everything that could’ve happened in the drama already. It totally fits in the stereotyped drama skeleton. It’s not a bad thing, I guess, but I think I would’ve preferred if there was something more unique and original about it.

As always, his acting is just … non criticizeable. And he has this cute smile when he does smile. Okay, that was unrelated. Anyways, nothing to say about on this side of the story. On the other hand, I feel that both the main and supporting female leads were somewhat … inexperienced. Ye Zi, although she did a good job in portraying that lively and cute girl that has to support the rest of her family thus leading a pretty hard world, her passion and love is not that well expressed. Even when she is afraid, scared or sad, I still feel that it’s acting. Flora too, but she just gives off a cold feeling. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of her character, but I mean, when she is supposed to be warm and caring (like the times when she used to date with Xia Tian), it was warm alright, but there was this fresh cold layer beyond her happiness. I don’t know if this is making sense to you. If you haven’t watched the drama, you probably are completely confused with what I just tried (and epically failed) to explain.

It’s a very very very veryyy short drama! 12 episodes of 30 minutes? That’s like … 6 episodes of Korean dramas; 8 episodes of Japanese drama. So short! I don’t really like short dramas, because although they don’t have enough time to develop some utterly complicated and dramatic stories, I feel that they don’t have enough time to present the characters deeply enough.



Essbee’s Opinion


It was a really simple love story. Of course, the drama was really short, so the development between the characters was pretty fast. I just find everything really simple. Yes, they have breakups, but they don’t die over it. The second female character is annoying, but we don’t want to kill her. The girl is naive, but not stupid. Anyways… Everything just seemed so easy going.

Joe Cheng is an awesome actor, nothing else to express. Li Fei Er is also really pretty, she has this pureness that I really like. It’s hard to present the characters because the  drama was so short, but to make it short, they were all significant characters.

It’s enjoyable and refreshing. It let me understand the passion of photography. Two beautiful song supported this online drama.



8 thoughts on “That Love Comes

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  2. Do you happen to know the name of the song in episode 1 towards the end where yezi are lookind xia enter the store for the second time??

  3. Do you know the name of song in min 3.17-4.50 (link as below) which Ye Zi ran out from restaurant when her mom and Bao Qiang talked about married? I do not understand chinese at all. Could you please help me? Thank you.

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