Marry Me, Mary!

매리는 외박중 / Maerineun Oebakjoong / Mary Stayed Out All Night


  • Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae Ri
  • Jang Geun Suk as Kang Moo Kyul
  • Kim Jae Wook as Byun Jung In
  • Kim Hyo Jin as Seo Joon

Year: 2010

Episodes: 16 (60 mins)

Ratings: undetermined


  • 부탁해, My Bus! by Jang Geun Suk
  • Tell me your love! by TRAX
  • Superstar by Seungyeon from KARA


Kim’s Jung-in character is a “perfect” guy with the kdrama triple threat of brains, beauty, and money, with whom Mary has been betrothed since childhood. Complications arise when she meets Mu-gyul,a free-spirited hippie/indie rock singer character. The other contender for Mary’s hand in marriage is entertainment agency CEO, Jung In, who is a Korean by blood, Japanese in mind, and American in style.

Essbee’s Opinion


Starting off with a very light mood and slight humour, we were brought into Mary and Mugyul’s world.  Their relationship’s development is really simple and positive. We don’t have the rich/poor opposite nor pretty/ugly comparison. The love square is fair interesting. However, a drama cannot base its story on only these to make it interesting.

The GeunGeun couple has been wel received, but I wouldn’t consider them as cutest couple ever. We also have to mention that Mugyul’s haircut was a little excessive. In certain situations, I would hope that Mary ended up with that CEO, because their story was more intense. The girl rival was really strong and cool at the beginning, but it seemed that her character became boring after a few episodes.

Actually, it was almost the same for all the characters. I really adored all the characters at first. However, as the story went on, they seemed to be totally useless. The weird twists happening to the main couple are weird too, like how they fight and break up and go back together. It just doesn’t make sens. After 9 episodes, the author has been changed because the drama was draggy.

It seems as if the drama became a total bored-ness, but it’s not 100% true. There were very cute parts and I didn’t feel like unable to continue. Also, I am satisfied with the ending, which is always very important.

The low ratings could be explained by these and I am deceived by this drama. The OST consists of many good songs. I would say that my favourite is “My Precious” by Jang Geun Suk

One thought on “Marry Me, Mary!

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this drama for so long ^^
    Only 4 more days ^^
    Aaah, can’t wait…
    Both of them have so much chemistry 😀

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