Gloomy Salad Days

死神少女 / Si Shen Shao Nu


  • Serena Fang as Du (Death Girl)
  • Aaron Yan as Shen Qi

Year: 2010

Episodes: 20 (45 minutes)

Opening: Gloomy Salad Days by Wan Fang

Ending: Du by Wan Fang


This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. The review will present more in detail what kind of situations there are. If you want specific summary, click here.

Essbee’s Opinion


When I first started the drama, I did not expect this at all. This is completely an out-of-ordinary drama plot. Actually, the drama consists of 10 short stories that happens in a school. They all, in some ways, follow each other, but the main link is the death girl, Du. She needed rocks to repair the bridge between life and death. Therefore, every student who comes near that special rock and are living a hard life becomes suicidal.

The stories consists of a lot of controversial issues. There were teacher-student relationships, lesbian/transsexual issues, prostitution, parents neglect, sexually harassment, pregnancy, homosexuals and prejudices, bullies and a lot more.

Even if the main characters were Du and Shen Qi, their presences were rare. At a certain point, I just thought that they were here because they had to. However, it ended up being that they did have a relationship… And I have to admit that it was quite weird. I would never ever watch a drama like this again. I do feel that one of the purpose of the drama was to “teach” the young viewers some life issues, but I think that I did not need that. It is very easy to lose interest, especially for a person who is not a crazy fan of Aaron.

2 thoughts on “Gloomy Salad Days

  1. The drama isn’t your typical idol drama so it wasn’t something I expected to be popular. I do respect certain aspects of it though; because even though you and I may not be facing any of the issues shown in the drama, someone out there is and I’m sure they appreciate it.

    So even though someone isn’t crazy about Arron, I’m sure they could still get something good out of this drama.

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