• Shin Dong Wook
  • Lee Soo Kyung
  • Choi Phillip
  • Sa Kang (Hong Yu Jin)
  • Otani Rye Hei
  • Min Ae

Year: 2006

Episodes: 12 (60 minutes)

Insert Song: “C’mon through” by Lasse Lindh


Lee Soo Kyung and Choi Phillip has been in a relationship for five years. Soo Kyung strongly believes that her boyfriend is her soulmate, her destiny. However, although he loved her back for the 5 years relationship they’ve shared with each other, he feels that his destiny is Min Ae, a playgirl. Deep into depression, she tries many times to relight that flame of love, only to get closer to a playboy called Shin Dong Wook that no one dares to go near. They are linked by their trains of thoughts, their hearts and eventually leads to many many coincidental meet-ups. Are they what we call “soulmates”?

Trailer (More like a MV … but it sort of, ish, represents the story? A bit.):

StrawBan’s Review


I really looooooved this! I think it’s like one of the best dramas I’ve seen! Not like, action wise … because in my opinion, there’s much less drama than any other typical Korean dramas, if you know what I mean. Okay, let’s start with the music. I love the theme song! I don’t actually know if it’s the theme song, but it represents both of them, it’s like THEIR theme song! It’s so touching and soft and nothing really extraordinarily awesome and upbeat, but seriously. They could NEVER find a song that fits more this drama than this! Oh, by this, I meant “C’mon Through” by Lasse Lindh. It’s such an amazing song!

Plot wise? Okay. Let’s be honest. If you like action and suspense, this is NOT the drama for you. The plot is really simple but at the same time, really detailed, because it takes in almost everything that can happen on terms of one’s destiny. Back stabs, fate, heartbreaks, you name it. But yeah, because it wasn’t so complicated, it was quite easy to follow with the story. [SPOILER]I also love the fact that they are soul mates. I mean, when one cries, the other one feels heartache? That is just plain amazing.[/SPOILER] I also love the base story about soul mates. This was so real that it almost made me, who don’t believe in destiny, want to believe! I have no words to describe how I love the theme. Am I repeating myself? Probably, eh?

The main characters are soooo gorgeous! Both of them are so amazing. I love the Soo Kyung’s crying scenes. She’s one of the best … um, cryer? Yeah, that’s probably not a real word. But I mean, her crying scenes just makes you want to jump into the screen and give her a huuuuge hug. So sad and so real. Also, her pissed off scenes are hilaaaarious! The two main characters’ acting? Flawless. Well, probably not flawless, but I mean, it couldn’t be seen by my eyes. The supporting characters were pretty good also, like the supporting girl actress Yu Jin, but I think there was something lacking in Phillip’s acting. I don’t know what though. If you find it out, please comment and express your opinion. The playgirl though was kind of awkward, in my opinion. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I haven’t seen that many playgirls in these dramas. Oh and, I thought I’d point out that I really like the hair band style of Dong Wook. I don’t know why! Wow, there’s a lot of things I don’t know concerning this drama. Sounds like such mysteries … x]

About the ending. I won’t spoil, but it was a really awkward ending. I felt that there was something missing, probably because they were supposed to make a sequel, but they decided not to. BOO! I think this was way too short. When it ended, I was actually trying to find out why no one posted episode 13 yet. Haha, funny moments. By any means, I think you guys should give it a try. I recommend it!

Essbee’s Opinion: 75%

During the whole drama, I really adored the story, the acting, the characters and the music. Even though the story’s progress is really slow, we really have the time to enjoy everything. We have to admit that watching 7 episodes before the soul-mates meet is very long! But I wouldn’t complain if they had a beautiful and long-lasting love story. A drama stopping on the episode 12 is very sudden and we’re not used to such a short Korean Drama. Furthermore, the ending was so abrupt and awful that I would have killed the writer if I knew him/her.

However, there are soo many good sides to the drama that StrawBan already mentionned and I would still suggest to people who wouldn’t mind a crap ending…


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