Orthros no Inu

オルトロスの犬 / Dogs of Orthros


  • Takizawa Hideaki as Ryuzaki Shinji
  • Nishikido Ryo as Aoi Ryosuke
  • Mizukawa Asami as Hasebe Nagisa

Year: 2009

Episodes: 9 (45 minutes)

Ratings: 8.3

Opening: Hikari Hitotsu by Takizawa Hideaki


Ryuzaki Shinji who possesses a “God Hand”, the power to heal wounds and illnesses just by touching the patient, is in fact a dark introvert who does not reveal his true self to others. Aoi Ryosuke who possesses the “Demon’s Hand”, the power to kill a person just by touching him, is as kind and pure as an angel. When the demon meets the God, a fatal battle begins…

Detective Hasebe Nagisa gets caught by the criminals during a deep cover operation. Ryosuke, a man she does not even know comes to save her and she witnesses his “Demon’s Hand” in action. Thereafter she discovers by coincidence the existence of Shinji’s “God Hand” and brings the two together. Little did she know that this would cause great disorder to the world and even to her own life… –

Essbee’s Opinion


I love those suspenseful dramas! Right at the beginning, we are captivated by the story by asking many questions: why this, why that? Then, we see how a girl was almost killed by drug dealers… and how a detective wants to arrest them, and how the main character, Aoi killed the drug dealer with a touch. Everything just freaked me out at the beginning. The rest of the story is as good as the first one. The proof is that I saw the whole drama in 2 days 🙂

I loved the concept of the drama. Actually it was inspired from the story Orthros, a Greek mythology. It was actually the story of a two-headed dog. One was good and the other evil… (something like that) and they both died at the end. This story is based on that. Shinji can cure anyone he wants, but he doesn’t want to. Aoi can kill anyone without any a trace and he’s traumatized by that power. And then, they met… It caused a lot of problems.

Shinji is this (awesome perfectly handsome) man who can heal sickness, but he always ask for something in return. It seems really selfish from this point of view. However, it’s clear that he doesn’t want any wealth or greater respect, he just wants everybody to think more about life and death. Also, he always seems to be cold with everyone around him, but throughout the story, it is clear that he cares so much about people he like. And as I said, he’s really handsome and not ultra-feminine as many Japanese men. I like those cold/bad guys with warm heart (this character reminds me of Roy Chiu in The Girl In Blue, they look quite alike… maybe it’s the haircut?)

Aoi is the most sympathetic person you could ever meet on Earth. After every person he killed, he is horrified by himself. At one moment, he was about to kill someone, but as the audience, it was no doubt that he wouldn’t kill anyone. He’s really an angel! I just don’t like how he always has that sad expression on his face. It seems to bring me back in 1 Litre of Tears where he was lead actor too.

This drama is absolutely human and suspenseful, but let me remind you, it is still a drama. Is there a drama without love story? No. So, the lead female character is the one who brought these to opposite characters together. She, as a single mother whose child suffers from Asthma, is a hard-working detective. She’s always stuck between the good and evil side of life. I really loved her: her dedication to work and her love to Mio, her daughter. However, I really hated how this “romance” didn’t really develop. It was subtle and nothing really happens at the end, but for the… 1 minute of romance there was in the drama, I guess it’s acceptable?

There were many other important characters in this story. All of them brought different spices to the drama. We get to see all kinds of dark people and injustice on this world. I guess that family is a value strongly emphasize. Desire for power and knowledge was shown through the candidate to the presidential and the researcher on medicine and DNA. There was also a sweet moral near the end of the drama, showing the innocence of the kids, but also how much they are pure and selfless.

In Japanese dramas, the OST is not very rich, but this only song is actually pretty good. It was sang by lead actor (Shinji) Takizawa Hideaki. It is called a suspense and human genre, but I remembered so much more about the human side: all the morals and ideologies coming through this drama. The ending was, as I said, deceiving for the romance side of the drama, but it was a happy ending.


One thought on “Orthros no Inu

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m watching this now. I agree Takki is a handsome lead actor and not girly at all ❤ I'm sad that the romance doesn't lead to much, I'm such a sucker for love stories ;_;

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