Si Si Xin Dong

絲絲心動 / Stands Of Love


  • Blue Lan as Ou Yang Chen
  • Zhang Jia Ni as Zhang Xiao Rou
  • Zhang Dan Feng as  as Lin An Di
  • Ying Er as Lu Tian Er

Year: 2010

Episodes: 24 (45 Minutes)

Ratings: 3.98




Si Si Xin Dong tells of a love that really begins with using the right shampoo. A country  girl who followed her dreams of being a TV host to Xiamen, Zhang Xiao Rou (Zhang Jia Ni) moves in to her new rented home with her best friend. Except it turns out that their new home was actually rented out secretly by the actual owner’s goofy friend (Super Boy Lu Hu). Still recovering from the disappearance of his love Lu Tian’er (Ying’er), the real owner, Ou Yang Chen (Blue Lan) , returns home to see Tian’er’s room lighted. The familiar glossy hair and scent (of shampoo) makes him think Tian’er has returned, and he goes forward to hug the girl facing away from him, only to find a half-naked stranger in his embrace. …

In the whirlwind of Shanghai,  Xiao Rou is caught between her pursuit of her dreams as a star and the wishes of her father for her to inherit the family restaurant as well as between the tender support of her coworker Andy and the insecure romance that blossoms between her and Chen.

Essbee’s Opinion

81% ❤

I wanted to see this drama because the amazing Blue Lan was lead actor. After 10 minutes of watching, I thought: “Man, how am I going to do homeworks this week?”. I just loved that drama. This drama was also produced for Chinese TV, so everything was dubbed. I hate that, but we get used to it…

First of all, as you know, I really love Blue Lan. His acting is so professional and he looks good is every character. In this drama, he’s a photograph, Coffee Shop’s Boss and works for his father’s company. He was very rude, but he’s a gentleman with girls (except for a few cases)… The lead actress is really good also. Her character is very nice. She’s never angry and is always the one who says sorry. She’s also really pretty and her acting’s good.

The supporting actors were very convincing also. Lu An Di is the bad-tempered director who screams after everyone, but who fell for Xiao Rou. He looks wierd at first, but he has a unique charisma and he someone time just reminds me of a angry little boy… As for the girl Lu tian Er. I didn’t like her even before she appeared, because I knew that she was going to create many problems… and she did. She wasn’t comparable to Xiao Rou and I thought that she was just trying to look pitiful.

The others actors were awesome too. Xiao Rou’s Grandma and dad were awesome. Her best friend & childhood friend was also really funny. Ou Yang Chen’s friend were cool also. Seriously, I loved all the characters! Even the “bitchy” characters has a reason to be. Their character contributed extremely well to the storyline. I didn’t find anything too boring nor too dramatic. I just hate how every drama have a “Few Years Later” nowadays. I really hate that! The plot was interesting. The girl pursuing her dreams while the guy tries to do everything he wants/needs. Throughout the drama, the main couple goes through many hardships, but with Xiao Rou’s enthusiasm, everything goes really well. 😛

There were only 2 songs in the OST of this drama and they were nice. It’s also really obvious that the Shampoo (Rejoice) was a financing this drama since we see that shampoo everywhere… In all, I really appreciated watching this drama.

4 thoughts on “Si Si Xin Dong

  1. Becoz of this review I want to watch this drama….
    I also love Blue Lan… I am really excited..
    Thanks a lot for this

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