Four Gifts

女王不下班 / Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban


  • Nicholas Teo as Ren Shao Ting 任少廷
  • Xiu Jie Kai as Tong Jia Liang 童嘉良
  • Lee Kang Yi as Zhang Ruo Tian 章若天 (Eldest sister)
  • Wang Xin Ru as Zhang Ruo Wei 章若薇 / Zhao Xia Ling 趙霞伶 (Second sister/mother)
  • Lu Jia Xin as Zhang Ruo Yi 章若依 (Third sister)
  • Suki Low as Zhang Ruo Yu 章若愚 (Youngest sister)

Year: 2010

Episodes: 15 (90 minutes)

Ratings: 0.89

Opening: 24 hours craziness 24小时疯狂 by Chen Yi Rong

Ending: Between Us 之间 by Nicholas Teo


In Zhao’s family, there are 4 sisters. Their mother died were they were all very young and she left a special gift to everyone of them. Zhao Ruo Tian, the eldest is a prosecutor and she got a scarf. The second daughter, Ruo Wei, is a popular Magazine deputy editor got a mirror. Ruo Yi, a simple, caring girl who’s a project leader got a big luggage as the third daughter of the family. The youngest, Ruo Yu who’s a smart university student in philosophy got a pen. They don’t understand why the got these gift and their father told them that when they’ll find happiness, they will understand. What does that mean?

Essbee’s Opinion


Even though the ratings had been really low, I cannot deny how much I like this drama. The story is really interesting. I like the sisters and each of their personnality. I like the boys and how handsome they are. I like the fact that Blue Lan was a cameo in the first few episode.

So after we met the four daughters with different personnalities, we are led into their love stories. The eldest got out from her heartbreak and fell in love with Tong Jia Liang, a policeman. The second daughter got promoted to her job and was about to get married. The third daughter finally met real love after waiting for a long time. The youngest is a cute girl who freaks me out once in a while.

What I like in this story is that it realtes about real life problems. We see four different kind of person and characters and how would they face personal problems. Even if there are no super interesting events, I really enjoy watching an episode every week. There are sad episodes, funny ones and cute ones. It’s just very relax. We have no hate feelings at all and I really enjoy it!

Every episode, there was an event that attracted my attention while we experienced the life of all sisters. The ending was a peaceful ending and I have never been bored throughout the drama. I would say that the songs in the drama are so-so, but they are still acceptable.


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