Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower Again

一起又看流星雨 / Yi Qi You Kan Liu Xing Yu / Let’s Go watch Meteor Shower 2


  • Zheng Shuang (Chu Yu Xun)
  • Zhang Han (Murong Yun Hai)
  • Yu Hao Ming (Duanmu Lei)
  • Wei Chen (Ye Shuo)
  • Zhu Zi Xiao (Shangguan Rui Qian)

Year: 2010

Episodes: 35 (45 minutes)

Opening:  让我为你唱一首歌 by H4

Ending: 左半边翅膀 “left side wing” by Xu Fei

Season 1.


Murong Yunhai remembers everything… except Chu Yuxun. When he went overseas, he meets a new friend, Jiang Yuan, and he’ll fall in love with her. However, when they both come back to China, Yunhai feels like someone’s waiting for him. When will he completely regain his memory and remember the girl he loved the most?

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Essbee’s Opinion


Well, it’s pretty exciting… cause the end of season one ended in a very.. abrupt way. In simple words, it wasn’t a good ending. Now, we shall know about how Yunhai remembers about his love for Yuxun. We’ll also assist to the comeback of Yuxin, the piano teacher whom Duanmu loved so much. Then, the cute story between Shangguan and Xiao Yu seems to be very hilarious. To finish, the most mature couple will have another step forward. In this sequel, a new character is squeezing in, Jiangyuan. She’ll love Yunhai very much and he was about to love her, seriously. That’s not good, for those who saw Meteor Garden 2, she’s the equivalent of  Yesha. She’s very dark… We’ll see how much we hate her… 😛

4 Songs have already been released for the OST… and they kept the rest of the songs… from the last season.

I’ll be following this drama, day by day and I’ll try to update every three days… I don’t know if the (super awesome) Youtube uploader will still be uploading this year. If not, I hope someone would, cause I need this drama every day!


AWESOME! I loved the beginning, even if it was a little too slow. So we now understand that Yunhai didn’t recover his memory and he doesn’t remember Yuxun. However, it’s really touching when they finally get to meet again & date again! But I really hate how they get mad and jealous at each other so easily.

I hated the fact that they changed some actors, but it didn’t matter that much because the important characters are still present. I like the new style of Duanmu, he just looks… normal!! [SPOILER]but wtf is with his deadly disease!!! I cannot understand why he doesn’t want to tell the others and keep  everything for himself… [SPOILER] I also remember how hilarious Shangguan was and how handsome Yeshuo was.

There are already a few new characters. The mom of Yunhai seems to be nicer, but it’s scarier when she is. Then, there is a new “director” in the school. He is totally annoying and everybody hates him and I just wanna slap his face. I loved how Yunhai totally dissed him! [SPOILER]But he becomes nicer near the end… and we start liking him!!![SPOILER]

Jiang Yuan seemed to be very nice, but I don’t like her. Her attitude killed me.. and I totally hate her actually… Seriously, after all the hateful things she did… you wouldn’t like her. Then, becasue of her, some VERY dramatic events are happening… and you start pity her…

By the episode 5, we start to see the relationship between Shangguan and Xiao Yu, which is also very difficult. Also, Yuxin and Duanmu start to get back together… slowly, but it’s happening. And finally, Ye Shuo and Yun Duo are also getting together, but somehow, it won’t work out… It’s so funny how Yunhai calls him brother-in-law… These couples are really cute but they are also getting on my nerves; Fighting for nothing… sigh*

I don’t know why the director and the father of Yunhai are getting… mean!!! 😦 Oh and also the mother of Yuxun…

I admit that this isn’t as good as the first season, but i still enjoy watching it… and is it me or… the boys became more childish and funny than before??

The last episodes are turning dramatic, but it’s not too much, and the ending was awesomely cute. I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!! D: I love H4 too much I guess that there’s only hope for the Philippines’s F4.

As for the English sub… I only know Viikii that is subbing…

16 thoughts on “Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower Again

      • Im soo annoyed they dnt hve english subs..when do u think they will post the video woth the english subs???

  1. Haha, I feel very stupid but is the girl in the video supposed to be Yuxun? It doesn’t look like her for some reason. xD

  2. wow, are you saying you already watched 32 episodes?! i thought only 20 came out so far!!! and i’ve also noticed the guys have become a lot more playful and childish, even yeshuo and duan mu lei who are usually the calm and collected ones hahah and i also really dislike jiang yuan, i’ve only watched up to ep. 7 but her personality is annoying, she’s subtle in the ways she schemes again yuxun and i hate the fact the rest of H4 accepted her so quickly.

  3. i like ms ! and i just know that they had new season! i wanna ask, do u know where i can download all of the ost from ms 2? its very hard to find . thankyou

  4. I’m currently watching this and i have to say it is fricken annoying seeing yun hai and yu xun always fighting and being jealous of each other….they are suppose to be madly in love. im currently in ch 26ish and the mood and scenes are now like yun hai seems to like jiang yuan…like the first thing yun hai did when he came back was contact her…SOOO IRRITATING!!!!!!! why didn’t he just tell yu xun…its like he is totally leading jiang yuan along.

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