Gokusen III

ごくせん  3


  • Nakama Yukie as Yamaguchi Kumiko (Yankumi / Ojou / Kumicho) (Math Teacher/Class 3D adviser)
  • Takaki Yuya as Ogata Yamato
  • Miura Haruma as Kazama Ren
  • Waki Tomohiro as “Kuma” / Kumai Teruo (Former student of Yankumi)

Year: 2008

Episodes: 11 (45 minutes)

Ratings: 22.5 (Kanto)

Theme Song: “Niji” by Aqua Timez

Insert Song: “Oretachi no Seishun” by Takaki Yuya


Sawatari Goro is now the Vice President of Akado High School. However, the head director insists that he takes care of the 3D class. He goes to the southern area in order to find Yankumi, because the students are too much for him to handle. She comes back, and finds herself surrounded, again, by a class full of rebellious kids. How is she going to deal with them this time?

**Sequel of: Gokusen and Gokusen II

StrawBan’s Review:   


So, after like watching three times the same story line, I kind of got annoyed. But surprisingly, I still finished watching this.  Although it’s the same story, and although I know what’s going to happen, like every single time something happens, I still feel really really really glad when graduation day came. Seeing the class together as one is really cool, and it’s because of Yankumi’s efforts that they can graduate and all. If that was a real life situation, I think those students owns her quite a lot of gratitude.

The main characters look so much younger than in the first Gokusen! Their acting is not bad, because well, they act like high school students. They completely look like one too, so that’s sort of more convincing. I sort of felt that Takaki Yuya’s (Ogata Yamato) acting wasn’t so convincing. When he’s mad, well I don’t know, he has this cold face, but he doesn’t actually look THAT mad, if you know what I mean. Tell me if I’m wrong. Also, Kazama Ren’s faces are so funny xD. Especially when Yankumi appears out of nowhere, because it seems that she’s always appearing beside him. His hair is quite weird though, I must say. Those highlights are so flashy. It must be a trend down there. Oh, and Yankumi’s acting is, of course, really good. I really like her “Fight” before entering the class.

Oh, KUMA IS SOOOOO cute, he’s like a huge teddy bear, awwwww. Sorry, I had to point it out.

I do like the theme song though! It feels very dynamic and all. Very Japanese like too. That’s meant to be a good compliment! Takaki Yuya’s song sounds very familiar too. I like this song a lot, nice melody, and his voice fits well with the music, in my opinion. Why do Japanese dramas always stick to instrumentals for their drama OST? I mean, I haven’t heard this as an insert song that much … maybe once or twice. Then again, it’s been a while and I might be wrong. Maybe instrumentals are meant to make this more intense … ?


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