Hotaru no Hikari

ホタルノヒカリ / Glow of Fireflies


  • Ayase Haruka as Amemiya Hotaru
  • Fujiki Naohito as Takano Seiichi
  • Kuninaka Ryoko as Saegusa Yuuka
  • Kato Kazuki as Teshima Makoto

Year: 2007

Episodes: 10 (45 minutes)

Ratings: 13.6 (Kanto)

Theme Song: “Yokogao” by aiko


After a fight with his wife, Takano Seiichi moves back to his parents’ old house only to discover that another person is already living in the house, Amemiya Hotaru, a junior at his company. As opposed to her very professional side shown at work, Amemiya‘s real personality is revealed at home, per example drinking beer on the porch after a hard day of work. She also goes around the house wearing teared up jerseys and dirty t-shirts. When a designer who just came back from London joins her team, Teshima Makoto, she suddenly falls in love with him after being kissed by him one day, out of the blue. However, because she hasn’t been in love for so long, she doesn’t know how to express her feelings. Her manager, Takano, decides to help her be more confident about her love while trying to save his marriage.

StrawBan’s Review  


Well, first of all, I want to say that. The storyline is pretty basic. I mean, after all the dramas I have watched so far, I could’ve easily guessed (which I did, actually) the rest of the story after seeing the first episode or two. Basically, the story line isn’t the INSANE CRAZY AMAZING ones. But you know, classic situation, if you haven’t gotten bored and depressed by it.

That’s not why i watched this. Of course. The thing I loved about this is that … Amemiya is HI-LA-RIOUS. If you didn’t laugh once while watching this drama, you have a serious lack in sense of humor! I mean, she made me laugh almost every time she did something stupid! Which happens to be quite often. Also, her relationship with the Manager is more and more deep, and they keep having those retarded conversation, like how they should divide their shared furnitures xD Funny funny. I also really love how the manager imitates her when she’s like “FART!” Such a cuteee couple! His reactions to all these creepy sides of Amemiya is also really really funny xD. She doesn’t fail to surprise him.

The other “real” love story is between Amemiya and  Teshima. Teshima has this cute face, at some angles. At others, he’s just looks normal. Lol. Camera techniques … Anyways! So the love between them is sooo innocent. I mean, Teshima always misunderstands her, but like he’s intelligent enough to know that it’s not all true. He’s also really in love with her. She is too, and the second girl isn’t bitchy like in all other dramas. She’s actually quite cool, I really like her. So at least, this drama didn’t raise my blood pressure too much xD. In fact, I don’t think there was anything serious involved. I guess the only thing that could’ve been a very very very veryyyy big problem is that if someone found out that they lived together. But you know how dramas are, everything is always revealed, one way or another.

I watched this in between my job-related stuff, like interviews, training and stuff, and I have to say this really distracted me from reading my booklet over and over and over again, because I’m still not quite sure if I can handle the job I applied for. So yeah, guys, go for it! It’s, what, 10 episodes of 45 minutes? That’s like 0,00001% of a korean drama. Minus all the misunderstandings and all the mom-dad-money-complexity stuff that just makes you wanna shoot this unreal character. This is a definitely good try if you just want to sit back and relax. And laugh. I think I’m gonna raise this to 85% just because of how light this story is.

Essbee’s Opinion


This drama is soo full of randomness that it’s good to enjoy, but I think that it was too much. I found the humor in the first episodes quite exaggerated and not that funny. However, I liked it better after the half of the drama. It got much more interesting.

I can also add that the actors were really pretty and handsome, so there are many eye candies… 🙂

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