Time Between Dog and Wolf

개와 늑대의 시간 / gaewa neugdaeui sigan


  • Lee Jun Ki as Lee Soo Hyun / Kay
  • Nam Sang Mi as Soo Ji Woo
  • Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Gi

Year: 2007

Episodes: 16 (60 min)

Ratings: Seoul: 16.1%; Nationwide: 15.2%


  1. Mi Ryun Han Ga Seum Ah by Lee Soo (M.C the Max)
  2. Ha Neul Eul Ga Ri Go by Jang Hye Jin
  3. City of Time by Mario (feat. Young Ji)
  4. Promise by Young Ji


After his mother is brutally murdered in front of him by the Thai criminal syndicate Cheongbang, Lee Soo Hyun is adopted into NIS agent Kang Jung Ho’s family. Together with Kang Min Gi, Jung Ho’s son, Soo Hyun becomes an NIS agent. When Soo Hyun met Suh Ji Woo they were about twelve years old and has another fateful encounter with her 13 years later. Together they had promises for the future.

One day, Soo Hyun leaves for an operation dealing with the Cheongbang, only to return in failure because of the resurfacing terrible childhood memories of when he was in Thailand. The chief of NIS agents, Jeong, proposes to the distraught Soo Hyun to infiltrate the Cheongbang. Through Chief Jeong’s proposition, Soo Hyun becomes an undercover NIS agent after staging his death. Hiding his past, Soo Hyun infiltrates the Cheongbang with revenge in mind, leaving Ji Woo behind. Under the pseudo-name of Kay, he passes through the backstreets of Bangkok. What Soo Hyun didn’t know was Ji Woo is the daughter of the same villain, who killed his mother and father.

Essbee’s Opinion:

88% Time between dog and wolf is a mostly suspense drama. You could imagine the national agents VS mafia. It’s really a drama where we are always wanting more. Actually, the first minutes of the drama is the reason why I loved it so much. A drama which starts with a crazy car chase is amazing. Then, we are brought to Thailand many years ago, to the childhood of Soo Hyun, Min Gi and Ji Woo (Ari). I like how this “flashback” is not too long, but enough to let us understand the story. The plot is very captivating from the beginning to the very end. This revenge story, secret mission, amnesia and a slight romance together made a perfect mix.

Lee Junki is an awesome actor. I have always wondered why some girls were so crazy about him. I mean, he has very small eyes, and really nothing special. But then, I saw him in this drama and I understood. He just has this manly charisma. How to not fall for him and his chewing gum… xD He is absolutely handsome, all the time, when he’s happy, sad, angry and… others… Also, even though I don’t understand Thai, I love the way he speaks that language.

On the other side, Jung Kyung Ho is an adorable person. He’s the loyal and great friend everybody would like to have. His flirting attitude at the beginning is really funny and he’s hard work make him even more like a man. At some moments, I wished he would be with the girl at the end. Speaking of the girl… this pretty daughter of the mafia gang leader. Nam Sang Mi is a wonderful actress. She didn’T look fake at all and she’s so pretty! I loved her character.

Since we’re in a more action drama, there are quite a few people who died. When it’s good people, we’re sad, but there is a character I TOTALLY hated: Lee Tae Sung as Sang Shik. He just doesn’t merit being alive. And what about Mao… this big band dude. We actually get attached to him as the story goes along because he is so nice to Kay. I think he would be the nicest mafia chef ever. Maybe it’s because he’s blond..?? Just joking. Actually, I really doubted his death because he’s the father of Ji Woo, the girl Soo Hyun loves.

At the end, the story ends happily, that’s all I can say. The music’s good too, especially the suspenseful instrumentals. Also, 16 episodes is perfect, in my opinion. Not too short, not too draggy. Oh, but, did someone understand the moral of the story about dog and wolf? I didn’t really get it…

[PS: I love Lee Junki’s “I’ll kill you” stare… because it has definitely killed me… :P]


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