Legend of Star Apple

星蘋果樂園 / 星苹果乐园 / Hsing Ping Kuo Le Yüan / Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan


  • Ming Dao (Tao Si)
  • Achel Chang (Cao Ke Rui)
  • Li Yang (Lu Tian Qi)
  • Yang Ya Zhu (Meng Xin)
  • Yan Xing Shu (Lu Tian Hao)
  • Doris Lai (Chen Li Sha – Sha Sha)

Year: 2006

Episodes: 30

Opening: “Nao Nao (鬧鬧)” by Achel Chang & Sweety

Ending: “Rain season has started (雨季開始了)” by Achel Chang


15 years ago, a drowning young boy was saved by a little girl. The two children pray under the Star Apple tree together to wish for the happiness of each other throughout their love lives and to meet again after 15 years.

15 years after, Tao Si, the son of Tao Enterprise, proposes to his father to manage the farm where the Star Apple resides in order to prove his capability. At the same time, he wishes to use this opportunity to avoid his fixed marriage with Meng Xin. Fate brings him to encounter Cao Ke Rui, the young lady he met 15 years ago. When he finds out that she is the one, she had already fallen in love with Lu Tian Qi, an orphan who grew up on the farm with her who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Meng Xin.


**It’s not a trailer, but it shows sequences of the drama.

StrawBan’s Review:  


I remember I really liked this drama when I started watching it, because it was light and both main characters were funny xD. Ming Dao … his acting for humorous character is … no words to describe. Well, that was before all the good dramas started to come out … I would like to give higher, but there are sooo many better dramas! However, the story line really caught my attention. I know, the “two people meet, then they make a promise, then they meet again … and then there’s drama”  is very very very very overused, but this was still somehow catchy. Maybe it’s just me!

Nevertheless, I say you should try it. It’s the kind of drama where you know if you’ll like it after 2~3 episodes. Also, I really like the OST, it’s so cuuute. Achel’s voice is so childish, in a good way. It’s like Rainie’s, before her voice matured and changed. I’m talking about way back with Deveil Beside You and Ai Mei.

Other than that … the pig sound is sort of annoying. You’ll know what I mean when you’ll see (well, hear would be more appropriate here) it. I watched a few glimpse of a few episodes, in order to refresh my memory to write this review, and I must say, that second girl is REALLY REALLY annoying. Rawr. Like most dramas, but it’s irritating! Good thing it’s only a drama.

2 thoughts on “Legend of Star Apple

  1. I have to disagree with you here. I found the whole drama to be boring. Ming Dao’s acting was much less than perfect. I think he is more suited to roles that make him appear mean. Compared to his other dramas, Prince who turns into frog and magicians of love, this was the worst. Some characters you just wanted to smack silly. The leading lady and her father kinda bothered me a lot. I came in expect so much and came out disappointed.

  2. Actually I really like this film. It’s so humorous and romantic. This is story is really good that I can’t stop watching it. I Love Cao Ke Rui, Tao Si, Liu Tian Qi. They’re so Cute… Please everybody watch it…

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