Summer’s Desire

泡沫之夏 / Pao Mo Zhi Xia / Summer’s Bubble


  • Barbie Xu as Yin Xia Mo 尹夏沫
  • Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi 洛熙
  • Peter Ho as Ou Chen 歐辰

Year: 2010
Episodes: 14 (90 minutes)
Ratings: 1.57
Opening: “我记得我爱过” I remember I once loved by Peter Ho
Ending: “钻石” Diamond by Barbie Xu


Yin Xia Mo was loved by two men. One was an orphan who garnered fame and fortune with his infallible charisma. Another was a ruthless business man who manipulated others with his wealth to get what he wanted. Their love for her was so all-consuming that they started a war to have her. Five years ago, Luo Xi lost and was sent away to England. Yet, Ou Chen didn’t win as his action caused him to lose Xia Mo’s favor and his own memory. Five years later, they met again. Would history repeat itself or would love finally blossom for the lovers?

The chapter summaries of the novel here.

Essbee’s Opinion:

81% Interesting, confusing and unpredictable.

This drama is very interesting. The story is quite typical, but there are things that I like. For example, this is the first time a protagonist wants to become a singer. Also, the girl and her brother were adopted which is also very unusual. Also, the fact that there are two guys loving Xia Mo is interesting. Why? Because as audience, we don’t have ANY idea of who will end up with her. I realized that there were really two distinct sides. The people who love Ou Chen, and those of love Luo Xi. Of course, I’d prefer Luo Xi (he’s way more handsome… in my opinion. And I love the actor’s accent!). However, more the drama goes by, more I understand how Ou Chen is interesting. He’s an adorable character. He seems cold and proud, but he’s not so bad… For now, I don’t even care with who Xia Mo will end up with, I just want her to be with the best…

This drama is very confusing. The story starts in present, but there are so many flashbacks that we are quite lost. There are many hints and foreshadowing, but it’s really hard to get the story at the beginning. However, I love this because it’s new and that’s how people are attracted by this story. Barbie Xu looks really young in those flashbacks since she’s supposed to be 15 years old. She’s still as good as in Mars or Corner With Love. Serisouly, I love the way they organised this drama. We don’t understand anything at the beginning, but they just explain everything little by little and we’re just like: ohhhhh… ahhhh… that’s whyyyy. And after a few epsiodes, there aren’t that many flashbacks.

This drama is unpredictable. Watch it and you’ll understand. There’s no way you can guess what’s going to happen next. I simply love it! I totally thanks the director, Peter Ho, who is also a lead cast in the drama. He caught the attention of viewers because of the originality of the plot.

Also, we get to know more about the other characters. I liked the big issue with An Hui Ni (Maggie Wu), it was really interesting and I just loved how she was dissed every time by other people. The little brother of Xia Mo is very cute. He’s very sick and he doesn’t want to tell his sister. [Spoiler] It’s really sad when he dies… And we see how much Xia Mo loved him while she was going crazy. [Spoiler] Then, we get to know Xia Mo’s co-workers… and company boss… and other rivals.

What I don’t like in this drama is that it’s too serious. [Spoiler]Was anyone traumatized by Luo Xi’s attempt suicide? It’s so creepy![Spoiler] And also, we discover how every one’s past is sad and difficult. When there are too many events that make us feel down, it’s hard to watch a lot. That’s probably why I find it difficult to watch too many episodes in one shot. The author of the novel must have been in depression while writing that book… but it’s okaayy~ We appreciate it!

The OST is acceptable. I didn’t really adored any of the songs, but they fit well in the drama, so it’s okay… And the rating aren’t really high, but  we all know that they don’t represent everything…

[SPOILER: that’s the ending] At the beginning, I hated Ou Chen and I really didn’t want him to end up with Xia Mo… But more the story goes on, less I cared about it… And At the end, as it was in the book, Xiao Mo loves Ou Chen.[/SPOILER]

40 thoughts on “Summer’s Desire

  1. omg. i’m at ep. 3 too. and i really like it. and i hate the novel’s ending. I AGREE WITH YOU. i want her to end up with luo xi. i really hope the ending is not based on the novel. that would suck. but so far, the drama is good. i’m just not looking forward to the ending.

  2. Does this mean she will be with Ou Chen ;D ? YAYAYAY! ou chen is a lot more risk taking then Liu Xi in my opionin . He saved Xie Mo so many times. At times i feel Liu Xi is always taking over Xie Mo bodies like all we ever see them do is kiss or him hug her and kiss again . But who am i to judge Liu Xi since his past was so complicated. But still go Ou Chen and Xie Mo they will find true love as long as Ou Chen controls his anger 😀

  3. oh i just got addicted with summer’s desire. it gives me mixture of feelings. and this is the drama that there are times that i want him to be with ou chen then at times with lou xi. another thing that is admirable about this drama is that the protagonist are not your regular perfect protagonist, they have flaws too. i love the editing! how they mix the past then present! so awsome. this just keeps pinching my heart but the more i want to watch more! oh i would be happy if she will end up with ou chen! atleast this time the lady will end up with the third guy, in the past dramas i’ve watched they are always the one who’s left.

  4. I actually like Ouchen more or rather Peter Ho’s potrayal of OC, hehe but thanks for the review…can’t wait for the next episode!

  5. love this drama so far. it’s very good. By what im watching i want her to end up with luo xi. :\ i hope the ending isnt by the novel

  6. She should end up with luo xi, he’s way better looking. OC needs to take some anger management class. Where I am at in the drama, OC is really annoying. I hope they don’t follow the novel ending becuz dat would be really boring.

    • Fuck U! OC dont need anger management..u do! How is the ending boring, i think it is a good twist since at the beginning evryone will think the main gurl will end up with luo xi. I dunt like Luo xi, he has such devilish smile (Not in a gud way), and he sumtimes smile at the wrong times! I lov the ending, its so romantic! I think OC is handsome too, i prefer OC to Luo xi!!

  7. Thanks for the spoiler! Makes me want to finish the series! I like OC. I hope they do follow the novel and she ends up with him. 🙂 Currently watching Ep 10

  8. oh my god i love this drama,i cant wait to see the next episode 11 so romantic and not boring to watch it,i love xiamo and ou chen they are good together in drama and in true to life drama,i hope they will end up together in the near future,

  9. waw.. I really2 love this drama.. I hope that she will end with Ou Chen.. Coz, i do like better type of man like that… Love it..

  10. oh i really want her to end up with ou chen!!!! I do feel bad for Luo Xi but i just love ou chen’s type kkekkeke xD

    i’m happy that xiamo end up with ouchen. i love the way he love xiamo, he do everything to get her love, so romance. i dont hv any idea why people like luoxi, he is too tempramental, his love is too selfish. it’s different with ouchen’s love. ^______^

  12. well for me, i want xiamo to end up with ouchen. after all the sacrifices and love that he had given her… it would be unfair for him. hahahaha, i certainly agree with sherly… i myself, dont know why people like luoxi, his love is so selfish. gogogo.. xiamo and ouchen!

  13. ooh i want ou chen and xiamo to end up together.
    i don`t really like luo xi. he`s all “why does everyone abandon me. i`m an orphan boohoo” crap. and he isn`t even good looking :-/
    can`t wait to finish the drama hehe 🙂

  14. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooo ou chen
    hope they end up together
    im really happy that she ending up with him hes way better then luo xi
    hope they stick to the novel

  15. love ou chen
    and luo xi is always forceing her to love him at first i liked hem better then ou chen but
    now i think that ou chen deserves her more hes so maddly in love with her and will do anything for her
    and i really hope that ou chen will end up with xia mo
    plz stickkkk to the novel

  16. Um….. yeah…where exactly is the spoiler? And i really want to know what happens at the end? Who does she end up with? OC or LX??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST TELL ME!!! GOIN OUT OF MY BRAINS HERE!!!

  17. I’m definitely team ou chen. I just felt that his love for XM is deeper and more sincere, and I tot Peter Ho’s potrayal of him is really good… whereas LX was just way too corny

  18. I really fall in love with this show. Sorry for I hate Luo Xi and his acting is really bad. As for Ou Chen, even though he got a temper but that show how much he really love her. He has changed from a hot tempered man to a gentle man and whatever he does is because he loves her more. As for Luo Xi is always about being abandon blah blah. I like the ending where Xiou Mo really falls for OC instead of LX. Nice and romantic ending. Should be voted as one of the romantic drama for year 2010.
    Anyone know Peter He’s Blog as I really would like to write to praise him on his good acting……..

  19. I hope this love story will win the true love. OC make too many intrigue, and just take the power to oppress (by name of love ) Xiou Mo, moreover LX as rival.

  20. I meant true love: you will give her free to express what she thinks, does, and dreams. You love but you take over her life as same as you kill her character. it’s not inspiring love. I see OC is too dominant if he is with Xiou Mo. She will become a Madame but she will be not free.

  21. I like OC character better than LX in this drama. XM i think is better off with OC .. but just in this drama!!! 😉
    apart from that, i actually prefer Huang Xiao Ming than Peter Ho . I think he is way better looking. I like him since he played Shanghai Bund 2008 and Return of Condor Heroes.

  22. yay! i love the ending! i always wish dey together & my wish come true! finally a drama with good ending dat i wanted! love peter ho ❤

  23. Though the film can be confusing at the beginning, But I love it! I felt in love with Ou Chen’s character! Though he was arrogant, but he was awesome, taken steps without any hesitation, willing to take risk to get what he wants, handsome, caring, protective and rich / powerful!, and most of all so responsible! I think many girls would find him so attractive, be able to forget him? I, My self couldn’t get over his figure in my head! Is there such a perfect men in the world?
    I actually felt sorry for him due to the way he was reacted/treated by Xia Mo (it wasn’t his fault). I would be so up set if he didn’t end up with Xia Mo! It’s a Happy Ending!

  24. I really hoped that xia mo would end up with Luo xi. It’s not about which guy loved her most because I feel that both of them loved her very much. Although both of them were so dominating, I felt Ou chen’s was too obsessive, and luo xi gave her more freedom. I think Xia mo loved Luo Xi, even towards the end when she was getting married. But when she married, I can understand why she would end up with Ou chen. I knew at that point there was no return, which was such a shame. For Ouchen, xia mo could come to love him in the future, but shouldn’t love be felt the moment you met. That happened for xia mo and luo xi, they couldn’t help being attracted to each other. GAHHHHH Such a SHAME!!!! oh well. It’s a drama. 🙂 Good job, these days a good taiwanese drama is rare.

  25. I liked Luo Xi from beginning to end. Xia Mo loved him, not Ou Chen when Ou Chen asked her for marriage in return for a kidney. Love is what a relationship should be based on. Xia Mo got married and HAD SEX and GOT PREGNANT with Ou Chen, a person who she did not love then!! I thought she was gross after that and thought Luo Xi could do better. I didn’t understand why Xia Mo didn’t go to Luo Xi in the end…I got too sucked up in the drama though- I felt personally overwhelmed with devastation when I knew she was going to end up with Ou Chen. Luo Xi until the end, even now. I’ll make my own ending.

  26. cried watching this movie, she should have been with Lou Xi. individually they’re great characters but i really dislike Xia Mo. Fucking hell it was sooo sad 😥

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