Calling For Love

呼叫大明星 / Hu Jiao Da Ming Xing / Calling Big Star


  • Mike He (Bo Ye)
  • Charlene Choi (Chen De Xin)
  • Chen Zhi Kai (Zhong Wei Li)
  • Zhou Cai Shi (Yang Wei Chen)

Year: 2010

Episodes: 14 (70 minutes)

Ratings: 3 Episodes: 0.81

Opening: “Love Will Fight To Win” 爱赢才会拼 by Charlene Choi

Ending: “Whispering” 悄悄话 by 红花乐园 [Not officially released yet]


Bo Ye, a famous star, his friend and manager are having difficult issues, economically speaking. Each of them needs a really large sum of money, whether it’s for a sister’s school fee (Bo Ye), debts (manager) or paying the house after his parent’s company has bankrupt (friend). However, Bo Ye bought a lottery ticket, more of desperation than actually believing in it, had won a lottery worth 30 million dollars. The only problem is that he lost the ticket, and the only person who could’ve had it was a taxi driver, Chen De Xin. So, the trio started hanging around her, such as booking her taxi for a whole day, hoping to get back their ticket somehow. Bo Ye, after seeing that she definitely didn’t have his ticket, tried to stop his friends from bugging her, but the money gave them determination.

De Xin, on the other hand, had come to Taiwan in order to find her lost dad all the way from Shanghai. His coworker, Ah Li, acts as her guardian angel. Therefore, it’s only natural for him to unlike Bo Ye from the first meet up.


Guest’s Review

[Ratings to come]

This drama is almost as addicting as any other Mike He drama! The main two actors are so cute together, although Charlene sometimes look a bit stiff. But maybe that’s her character, I don’t know yet. THE TWO GUYS IN THE DRAMA ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD LOOKING! Mike He, obviously, but Chen Zhi Kai is …. omg so shuai. I find his hair in this drama really fitting for him. Personally, I find it hard to look good in long hair (for guys, I mean), but he pulled it off pretty well! The story line is okay, I guess, nothing so surprising. The manager is really funny x) And the friend is just plain clueless, haha. At first, it’s kinda hard to relate them two, except going for coincidence. However, things are starting to link together. Getting interesting by the episode! I don’t know why the ratings are so low. I bet they’ll go up soon.


Essbee’s Review


My first opinion on it is that… it’s not the best drama Mike made… I think that he suits bad guy better, but he’s still cute. In here, he’s a protective brother and lover. He wants to be nice to everyone and… he’s just unexpectedly nice! Charlene Choi is a really cute girl… with a big-huge-mega Cantonese accent, but it’s okay! It matches her character (which is a girl from Hong Kong).

The supporting actors were good too. Chen Zhi Kai is an adorable baby! He’s the rich guy, but he’s actually the nicest rich guy ever! And Tracy Zhou is sometimes despicable, but she’s still acceptably okay.

The father in the drama is really a typical “bad” person who only loves money. He doesn’t seem very nice and I wouldn’t want having a daddy like him. However, the manager of Bo Ye is incredible! I LOVED his character. He just likes to diss people and he is awesome! Then, we have Bo Ye’s childhood friend, who is very wierd. The sister of Bo Ye seems too fake and her boyfriend seems too nice. The two guys in the hotel and adorably funny and entertaining.  The chef with blond hair is a very good person and I found his story and becoming a rock star quite amusing. The movie director is the funniest actor I’ve ever seen… but he wasn’t that funny in this drama.

I feel that this review is a little monotone. That’s because the characters really have nothing special. The plot is interesting, but nothing special neither. The ending wasn’t very amazing. HOWEVER, I liked the general atmosphere of the drama. I was waiting for this drama every week, and maybe I just needed a simple drama with simple characters.


6 thoughts on “Calling For Love

  1. Opening Themesong: Charlene Choi 蔡卓妍 (愛贏才會拼)
    Closing Themesong: Red-Flower 紅花樂團 (悄悄話)
    Interlude: Evan Yo 蔡旻佑 (走)
    Interlude: Mike He 賀軍翔 (發現我愛你) [unreleased]
    Interlude: Joanna Wang 王若琳〈Times of Your Life〉
    Interlude: Gao Jun Ya 高雋雅〈Love All The Way>
    Interlude: Tai Ailing 戴愛玲〈Lonely Know>
    Interlude: Donna Summer〈Stamp Your Feet〉
    Interlude: Sophie Zelmani〈Always You〉
    Interlude: Charice Pempengco 〈Because You Loved Me〉

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