深情密码 / Shen Qing Mi Ma


  • Vic Zhou as Qi Wei Yi
  • Park Eun Hye as Shen Shen
  • Andy Hui as Zuo Jun
  • Megan Lai as Mi Xiao Guang
  • KingOne as Huang Zhi Ye

Year: 2006

Episodes: 19 (70 min)

Ratings: 27% (Taipei)

Opening: “Silent” 静静的 by Harlem Yu

Ending: “Familiar Gentleness” 熟悉的温柔 by Vic Zhou


Qi Wei Yi is a guy who has everything in this world.  The story begins from the year that he is 12 years old.  Because he was the champion from a swimming competition, it brought about someone’s jealously and Wei Yi’s foot was broken due to this.  He was hospitalized in a small hospital in a village where he first met Shen Shen.  Shen Shen’s neighbor, Zuo Jun, dragged her along to skip classes and while they were roaming about, they got into a car accident.  Unfortunately, this car accident caused Shen Shen to lose her ability to speak.  Tragically, Shen Shen’s mother also died from a car crash at this time.  Zuo Jun was feeling extremely guilty and swore that he will take care of Shen Shen for the rest of her life.

However this accident allowed Wei Yi and Shen Shen to meet.  A secret place that belongs to the two of them.  Henceforth, these two people’s destiny is changed.  A pure love develops between the 12 year old Shen Shen and Wei Yi.  The two of them made a promise to go and take a look at the secret future on the Christmas day when they are both 25 years old (the year 2006).  Shen Shen has tried to call Wei Yi before yet she couldn’t utter any sounds.  After a serious of misunderstandings, Shen Shen, who is living with the Zuo family, moves to a small town with Uncle Zuo due to his transfer to another job.  From then on, Shen Shen and Wei Yi lose contact all together.  When they are both 25 years old, a new development begins with these two people’s story…

Essbee’s Opinion:

76% ~

I once upon a time heard that this drama was awesome. It’s a MUST for every drama lovers. That’s why I… started it. However, I thought that the girl couldn’t talk, so it was boring. The story was too sad, so that was very annoying. And the final was touching for some people, but I totally hated it. So it seems that, in conclusion, I hated this drama for a long time.

However, I couldn’t believe that I forgot all the great moments of this drama. The couple is actually really cute. The lead actress is Korean and she doesn’t have to speak Chinese since she’s “mute”. And so, she’s talking in sign language or writing on paper. Anyways, I like her acting. She’s pretty and I believed that she really couldn’t speak. Then, Vic Zhou is very… admirable. I didn’t like him at first, but I got to like him more and more. His acting skills could not be doubted. When he was sad, suffering from his pain, and happy to be with his love, we could all feel these feelings.

The supporting cast was great also. Megan Lai was very young, but she still handled really well her role. She was not the woman we hated, but it’s also quite sad how she was rejected. Her singing is really good, and I really loved her song in this drama. Andy Hui is Cantonese and when he speaks Mandarin, he has a big accent. It felt awkward, but he’s a Cantonese speaker, so we can’t do anything about it… And finally, KingOne is great as usual. It’s really sad how he’s actings are great, but never played as a lead character in a good drama…

So, the story itself was good. Most people said it was the most dramatic drama they’ve ever seen. I found it sad, but not THAT intense. It’s been actually a long time I have seen this drama, but I remembered that there are situations I just loved and others I just hated. The music is really nice. I LOVE Vic Zhou’s Familiar Gentleness and Harlem Yu’s Silent. And if you watch that drama, you will definitely recognize: Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh, so mellow…


8 thoughts on “Silence

  1. can u please tell me if calling for love has a sondtrack because there is a song which iam trying very hard to find which it is played at the end of ep 5 at the ending if so can u please let me know who sings it please

  2. where did you found her name? i search in google but i cant find her profile..did she have a more known name?
    thanks 🙂

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