Prosecutor Princess

검사 프린세스 / Geomsa Princess / 검사 마타하리 / Prosecutor Mata Hari


  • Kim So Yeon as Ma Hye Ri
  • Park Shi Hoo as Seo In Woo
  • Han Jung Soo as Yoon Se Joon
  • Choi Song Hyun as Jin Jung Sun

Year: 2010

Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 10.3%


  1. Fly High – SHINee
  2. Give Me -Nine Muses (feat Seo In Young)
  3. Have You Ever Been In Love – Kim Yoo Kyung
  4. Lost – Han Bo Ra
  5. Goodbye My Princess – Monday Kiz
  6. Who Is – Green Cacao


Ma Hye Ri was an overweight child, but with hard training overseen by her mother, she grew to have a near perfect figure. She has an incredible memory and ability to focus which helped her to eventually pass the bar exam. After her bar exam, Ma Hae-Ri studied further at the Judicial Research & Training Institute to become a prosecutor. Ma Ha-Ri received great scores and had no difficulties become a prosecutor. At first, Ma Hae-Ri had doubts about her abilities to become a prosecutor. But with practice and several cases she excelled at her job and got the nickname Mata Hari. “Female Prosecutor Mata Hari” covers her life and her relationship with two men..

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Legend of Star Apple

星蘋果樂園 / 星苹果乐园 / Hsing Ping Kuo Le Yüan / Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan


  • Ming Dao (Tao Si)
  • Achel Chang (Cao Ke Rui)
  • Li Yang (Lu Tian Qi)
  • Yang Ya Zhu (Meng Xin)
  • Yan Xing Shu (Lu Tian Hao)
  • Doris Lai (Chen Li Sha – Sha Sha)

Year: 2006

Episodes: 30

Opening: “Nao Nao (鬧鬧)” by Achel Chang & Sweety

Ending: “Rain season has started (雨季開始了)” by Achel Chang


15 years ago, a drowning young boy was saved by a little girl. The two children pray under the Star Apple tree together to wish for the happiness of each other throughout their love lives and to meet again after 15 years.

15 years after, Tao Si, the son of Tao Enterprise, proposes to his father to manage the farm where the Star Apple resides in order to prove his capability. At the same time, he wishes to use this opportunity to avoid his fixed marriage with Meng Xin. Fate brings him to encounter Cao Ke Rui, the young lady he met 15 years ago. When he finds out that she is the one, she had already fallen in love with Lu Tian Qi, an orphan who grew up on the farm with her who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Meng Xin.


**It’s not a trailer, but it shows sequences of the drama.

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The Girl in Blue

佳期如梦 / Jia Qi Ru Meng


  • Chen Qiao En as You Jia Qi
  • Roy Qiu as Ruan Zheng Dong
  • Feng Shao Feng as Meng He Ping
  • Wang Shi Ya as Zhou Jing An

Year: 2010

Episodes: 32 (50 min)

Opening: “爱情第一课” by 弦子 [Download]

Ending: “遗憾” by 方炯镔 [Download]

Insert Song: “心如刀割” by 张学友 [Download]


After university student You Jia Qi met Meng He Ping, the two started dating. Meng He Ping’s mother however strongly objected to their relationship. Jia Qi broke up with He Ping and He Ping angrily went overseas. Jia Qi’s friend Ruan Zheng Dong who comes from a rich family, had an accident and ended up in the hospital. Jia Qi went to visit him and unexpectedly met He Ping again. It turned out that He Ping and Zheng Dong were childhood friends. To escape from the heartaches that He Ping’s reappearance brought about, Jia Qi started dating Zheng Dong. Zheng Dong ended up in the hospital again due to stomach pains which turned out to be the terminal stage of gastric cancer. He decided to let He Ping and Jia Qi, the two lovers be together and secretly left. Jia Qi started to search for him. After Jia Qi finally found Zheng Dong, she told him that she has already fallen in love with him. Zheng Dong knew that he didn’t have much time left and asked Jia Qi to help him retrieve back a very important property belonging to him.

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Summer’s Desire

泡沫之夏 / Pao Mo Zhi Xia / Summer’s Bubble


  • Barbie Xu as Yin Xia Mo 尹夏沫
  • Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi 洛熙
  • Peter Ho as Ou Chen 歐辰

Year: 2010
Episodes: 14 (90 minutes)
Ratings: 1.57
Opening: “我记得我爱过” I remember I once loved by Peter Ho
Ending: “钻石” Diamond by Barbie Xu


Yin Xia Mo was loved by two men. One was an orphan who garnered fame and fortune with his infallible charisma. Another was a ruthless business man who manipulated others with his wealth to get what he wanted. Their love for her was so all-consuming that they started a war to have her. Five years ago, Luo Xi lost and was sent away to England. Yet, Ou Chen didn’t win as his action caused him to lose Xia Mo’s favor and his own memory. Five years later, they met again. Would history repeat itself or would love finally blossom for the lovers?

The chapter summaries of the novel here.

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Love Contract

愛情合約 / 爱情合约 / Ai Ching Ho Yueh / Ai Qing He Yue


  • Ariel Lin (Cheng Xiao Feng)
  • Mike He (Liu Jian Dong / Ah Ken)
  • Zhang Rui Jia (Lin Kai / Ah Kai)
  • Sa Sa (Li Xin Lei)

Year: 2004

Episodes: 20 (60 minutes)

Opening: “中间” (Middle) by Fish Leong

Ending: “孤單北半球” (Lonely Northem Hemisphere) by Ariel Lin


Outwardly, Xiao Feng is a stubborn tomboy and the captain of the Kendo Club at her college. In her group of friends, she is the leader with her demanding nature and abrupt ways. Inwardly however, Xiao Feng is a girl scarred by her past and searching for what she wants most, love. Her friends, Ah Kai , Xiao Bai , Mu Tou , Xin Lei , and, Xiao Xiao don’t know about that part of her past but they are all loyal friends to Xiao Feng; that is, until Xiao Bai and Ah Kai leave the Kendo Club for the Swim Team.

Xiao Bai and Ah Kai are immediately regretful when the captain of the Swim Team, Ah Ken, turns out to be a captain as grueling as Xiao Feng. When one night Xiao Feng announces to her friends she wants love the most, Xiao Bai and Ah Ken devise a prank called the love contract. In exchange for finding swim team members to recruit, Ah Ken must court Xiao Feng.


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Calling For Love

呼叫大明星 / Hu Jiao Da Ming Xing / Calling Big Star


  • Mike He (Bo Ye)
  • Charlene Choi (Chen De Xin)
  • Chen Zhi Kai (Zhong Wei Li)
  • Zhou Cai Shi (Yang Wei Chen)

Year: 2010

Episodes: 14 (70 minutes)

Ratings: 3 Episodes: 0.81

Opening: “Love Will Fight To Win” 爱赢才会拼 by Charlene Choi

Ending: “Whispering” 悄悄话 by 红花乐园 [Not officially released yet]


Bo Ye, a famous star, his friend and manager are having difficult issues, economically speaking. Each of them needs a really large sum of money, whether it’s for a sister’s school fee (Bo Ye), debts (manager) or paying the house after his parent’s company has bankrupt (friend). However, Bo Ye bought a lottery ticket, more of desperation than actually believing in it, had won a lottery worth 30 million dollars. The only problem is that he lost the ticket, and the only person who could’ve had it was a taxi driver, Chen De Xin. So, the trio started hanging around her, such as booking her taxi for a whole day, hoping to get back their ticket somehow. Bo Ye, after seeing that she definitely didn’t have his ticket, tried to stop his friends from bugging her, but the money gave them determination.

De Xin, on the other hand, had come to Taiwan in order to find her lost dad all the way from Shanghai. His coworker, Ah Li, acts as her guardian angel. Therefore, it’s only natural for him to unlike Bo Ye from the first meet up.


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深情密码 / Shen Qing Mi Ma


  • Vic Zhou as Qi Wei Yi
  • Park Eun Hye as Shen Shen
  • Andy Hui as Zuo Jun
  • Megan Lai as Mi Xiao Guang
  • KingOne as Huang Zhi Ye

Year: 2006

Episodes: 19 (70 min)

Ratings: 27% (Taipei)

Opening: “Silent” 静静的 by Harlem Yu

Ending: “Familiar Gentleness” 熟悉的温柔 by Vic Zhou


Qi Wei Yi is a guy who has everything in this world.  The story begins from the year that he is 12 years old.  Because he was the champion from a swimming competition, it brought about someone’s jealously and Wei Yi’s foot was broken due to this.  He was hospitalized in a small hospital in a village where he first met Shen Shen.  Shen Shen’s neighbor, Zuo Jun, dragged her along to skip classes and while they were roaming about, they got into a car accident.  Unfortunately, this car accident caused Shen Shen to lose her ability to speak.  Tragically, Shen Shen’s mother also died from a car crash at this time.  Zuo Jun was feeling extremely guilty and swore that he will take care of Shen Shen for the rest of her life.

However this accident allowed Wei Yi and Shen Shen to meet.  A secret place that belongs to the two of them.  Henceforth, these two people’s destiny is changed.  A pure love develops between the 12 year old Shen Shen and Wei Yi.  The two of them made a promise to go and take a look at the secret future on the Christmas day when they are both 25 years old (the year 2006).  Shen Shen has tried to call Wei Yi before yet she couldn’t utter any sounds.  After a serious of misunderstandings, Shen Shen, who is living with the Zuo family, moves to a small town with Uncle Zuo due to his transfer to another job.  From then on, Shen Shen and Wei Yi lose contact all together.  When they are both 25 years old, a new development begins with these two people’s story…

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