My Queen

敗犬女王 / 败犬女王 / Defeated Queen / Queen of No Marriage


  • Ethan Ruan as Lu Ka Si (Lucas)
  • Cheryl Yang as Shan Wu Shuang (Veronica)
  • Wen Sheng Hao as Song Yun Hao (Leslie Sung)
  • Yang Ya Zhu as Han Jia Jia

Year: 2009

Episodes: 21 (70 min)

Ratings: 5,69

Opening Song: 沒有如果 by Fish Leong; 別再為他流淚 by Fish Leong

Ending Song: 愛情之所以為愛情 by Fish Leong


What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker during Christmas day? They will fall in love for each other, but will their relationship change because of their 8 years difference?

Libby’s Opinion:

86% When I have seen that the average ratings were good. I decided to watch this drama after the incredible number of exams I had last summer.

At the beginning, I found that the story was a little weird, when Shan Wu Shuang had to take pictures of the president disguising in student and all Lucas‘ weird jobs. Yes I know, it always sounds bizarre. However, I was determined to continue because I need time to get into the story.  That was a good decision, because only after the first episode, I was totally into this drama.

I really liked the actors: Cheryl’s acting is really good and Ethan is just so funny. I just loved his acting in Fated to Love You and I’m praising him since then.

The OST of this drama is THE BEST. I’m 100% satisfied! Fish Leong sings so well, she has a lovely voice and I like all her other songs.

Anyways, I loved this drama and I suggested to all of you.

Essbee’s Opinion

57% As you see, I disagree with Libby, because I hated the fact that he was 8 years younger that her. It just… didn’t… make sense in my mind. I didn’t like the supporting actor and actress. The music was decent… okay, they were great. However, this story really didn’t get me and… I might be one of these rare people who didn’t like this drama, but… I didn’t.

Here is the first episode:


2 thoughts on “My Queen

  1. hey, do you know where I could get the series with english subtitles? like a DVD or website (preferably)? I’ve watched half of it but can’t find the episodes after episode 12. thanks so much! I love it!!
    From a fellow Libby!!!

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