Year of The Rain



  • Jian Man Shu as Lin Yu Jing
  • Zhang Shu Hao as Zhang Fu Hai
  • Zhang Jie as Zhou Ming Huang

Year: 2010

Episodes: 6 (45 min)

Opening song: 雨没停过 (Yu Mei Ting Guo) by 蛋堡 (Soft Lipa)

Ending song: 千风之歌 (Qian Feng Zhi Ge) by 洪天祥 (Jimmy Hung)

Story / Synopsis:

It is a story about a young girl, named Jing Jing, orphaned that is living with her aunt and uncle. She is fighting to restart her life after the hurricane in Taiwan in 2009, that caused her parents’ death. She, who hated rain, has to live in a city in Taiwan that rains 360 days per year.

Libby’s Opinion:


This story is based on the Typhon Morakot caused to Taiwan in 2009. This drama is really psychologic drama. At the beginning was a little bit creepy with the water and I was just thinking of what will happen in the story. Every time it is raining, she has to put her headphone not to hear water droplet. It was really confusing, but after watching 1 episode you will understand it all. The intention of this drama is to give courage to those victims who are affected by the Typhon Morakot.

I think this drama is really emotional, there are many happy and sad moment (I cried twice during the last two episodes). After watching it, you could discover how victims felt when they went back their house and see that it was totally demolish after Typhon Morakot. The drama is telling everyone to have courage, like Jing Jing, and to remember that people who left earth are still with us, supporting us.

At first, I was really angry at the mother because she disappeared and she only came back for money. However, later on, she realised that she was wrong and hoped that she could be forgiven, so she is going to take jobs to catch her fault.

Also, I think that Jian Man Shu’s acting is really good, she is only 21 years old! I thought she was even younger in the drama. Van Ness Wu is really funny with his glasses on the second episode. As we can see, many Taiwanese actors people of Autumn’s Concerto were playing in this dramas.

I like the music and all the insert song including instrumentals playing in the drama even though the opening is weird. By the way, the producer is Van Ness Wu and the director is Chen Hui Ling. They both worked together for the popular drama: Autumn’s Concerto! .

In this drama, you could feel the pain people had because of the disastrous events. I suggest you to watch this drama for its … you know… “deep inside feeling”… 🙂 And, of course, six episodes are fast! It’s interesting, short and brings us a great moral from life.

Here is the first episode:


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