I Do?

Xing Fu De Jue Ze/幸福的抉择


  • Blue Lan as Li Hao Zhe
  • Annie Liu as Summer Xia
  • David Chen as Joan Tan
  • Margaret Lin as Jian Mei Li
  • Sa Sa as He Si Yu (Summer’s best friend)
  • Figaro Ceng as Zhang Ming Liang (Hao Zhe’s best friend)

Year: 2008-2009

Episodes: 20 (45 min)

Ratings: 0.63

Opening: “Belong to” (屬於) by Fish Leong

Ending: “PK” by Fish Leong & Gary Cao

“Elope To The Moon” (私奔到月球) by May Day & Cheer Chen


Hao Zhe and Summer met five years ago and fell in love instantly, however, they lost their track. When a good friend of Summer was getting married, she discovered that the guy she loved was her fiancé. They loved each so much, so they decided to get married. Yet, their love was not enough to save their relationship from the stress of actually living together and his ex-girlfriend’s sabotage. So they got a divorce. But, separation only made them even more miserable. With their families and friends’ intervention, can they give themselves a second chance?

Essbee’s Opinion:


YOO!! This is a great drama! The plot is not awesome, but the acting was magnificent. I think I’m in an overdose of Blue Lan, but seriosuly, he’s sooo handsome :D. In here, he’s acting a rich guy who’s a little bet playboy, but we discover his dream at the beginning. He just wants a family because he didn’t have any since he was young… His acting is aesome, as usual. On the other side, Annie Liu is sooo pretty! She’s like a mix of Joyce Zhao and Ady An. Her voice is very low, but it’s pretty. I like her smile, it’s soo sweet. And I like how she’s such a nice wife after the marriage…Newly married are great!

Their biggest “problem” is actually HaoZhe’s ex-girlfriend. All she wants is to get revenged over him and… she just… pissed me/other people off. All I can say is that she’s pretty… xD It’s also relaxing when she’s not doing anything.. during episodes 11-16~ The other guy is really nice and he’s always helping Summer. I give all my respect to him.

Summer’s best friend, SiYu, is AWESOME! She’s like the love moderator DJ… She’s always trying to help and… I think that she does good. She doesn’t seem to have a important role, but her story is quite cute. Also, HaoZhe’s best friend has a very sad story. Even though, he’s not very important, but he’s a very hardworking person and he believes in love.

Okay~ Now: the families. HaoZhe’s mother is the type of woman who only loves money. (You know, the type of mother in Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers…) But, we discover how sad is her love story and… well she’s liking Summer more and more. However, the surprising thing is that the step-mother is the sweetest person ever! She’s so nice to everyone and she’s… wow. The father of Summer is totally against her marriage and he’s going to try to stop them.

The last episodes were really twisting, and I don’t know what to say… they were… a little bit boring, and… seemed taking forever, but the end end end is sooo touching! You’re gonna love the end… Just to mention something I LOVED! In this drama, the couple fell in love at first sigh. And they got married. And their couple scenes are so cute~~ It’s unusual to see this… loving-married couple.

So, the music is really nice… especiall “Shu Yui” from Fish Leong, it’s beautiful. I also have to say that the ratings are really low, but I think that it’s because the drama was airing during week time, so there weren’t many people watching it. However, all the people who saw this drama liked it.

What I didn’t like is the… unrealistic things that happens in this dramas… they just sound so… unreal… like the ex-girlfriend who became nice and.. yea… However, this story is so different from the typical Taiwanese drama and so, it just amazed me.


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