My Boys

Atashinchi no Danshi / アタシんちの男子


  • Horikita Maki (Mineta Chisato)
  • Kusakari Masao (Okura Shinzo)
  • Kaname Jun (Okura Fuu)
  • Okada Yoshinori (Okura Takeru)
  • Mukai Osamu (Okura Sho)
  • Yamamoto Yusuke (Okura Masaru)
  • Seto Koji (Okura Satoru)
  • Okayama Tomoki (Okura Akira)

Year: 2009

Episodes: 11 (45 minutes)

Ratings: 10.8 (Kanto)

Theme: “Infinity” by Girls Next Door


Mineta Chisato is a homeless 20-year-old girl who lost her mother at a young age due to sickness. Her dad left her a huge debt, and that’s why she lived her life so far trying to escape the debt collectors. One day, she meets a man named Shinzo when she was chased by the collectors. He saved her, and told her he would pay everything if she married him. At his death, Chisato is sent to his house (more like a castle to me) and has to take care of the 6 sons Shinzo has adopted. However, all six of them, though all good looking, all have strange personalities. Will she be able to live under one roof in order to save herself from the gigantic debt?

StrawBan review:


I really liked this drama, although compared to others, this might be more of a comedy than a drama. But I like comedy, so who cares! I won’t say I got hooked to this, but I thought it was pretty interesting how they picture most of the stereotyped characters in those six kids. If this was a real story, man, I’d have sooooooo much admiration for the main … well, the only girl, actually xD. She has to deal with so much stuff and she’s only 20. I guess it shows the real life truth in a more comedy’ish way. Ohhh … and Okura Sho (Mukai Osamu) is really cute x]

The parts I didn’t like, it’s either because it was waaaaaaaay out of the ordinary (like, the mansion. Oh. My. Gosh. Although it’d be cool if I owned it :D) and also the end. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Bleeeh. Maybe they’ll make a special? ;o Who knows. Japanese drama can take a while to make a special. Aka, Gokusen.

About the characters. They were realistic, but I think they were missing …. I don’t know, I wasn’t 100% convinced at times. I don’t really have any examples in head, but like some of the transitions are really sudden, like the one with Fuu. He was super out of it most of the drama, and at the end, he just randomly jumps in. I didn’t really get whyyyyy he appeared in the middle of nowhere. Well, for Chisato, there’s really nothing to say. It’s like if she was born to be an actress o-o. She’s so pretty when she smiles too!

I really liked the “father” too. He was really cool! Even if all the kids thinks that he doesn’t care because he’s like never home and never takes care of them or anything. But in the end, he really did care and all. I won’t say any more because it’ll just ruin the ending, but yeah! He didn’t exactly sacrifice himself like in korean dramas, but he really cared. And Chisato saw through it, and helped him achieve his dream. See, this is why I prefer Japanese dramas! They make a very serious and life essential morals into a comedy, but if you really think about it, it’s like really deep and everything. Oh, and the language sounds cool 😛 OKAY, that’s like out of subject! Anyways, I’d say. Go watch it. It’s super short too!  It’s like a relaxing time, since there’s less of those love rival things. You don’t want to pull anyone’s hair out. Well, not that much at least.

Essbee’s Review


My Boys is a story with plenty of little morals. We just realize how family is important, but this drama means a lot more! Wee feel the brotherly love so much and we are touched by these kids. Of course it remains a drama and the unexpected events are often present. Also, we still find those typical Japanese characteristics… such as the person who appears randomly… And I have to mention the crazy inventions of the father and the impressing castle…

I really loved the acting. It just seemed totally life-like. Of course, the actress is fantastic. She’s the drama queen! The development between the brothers are really good! They hated each other and everyone had a personal problem. However, they became best freinds little by little and they support each other. They’re adorable. I just ADORE how guys fight for nothing! xD

The little twist in the middle of the sotry was really intereseting, when everyone discovers their parents, because yes, they aren’t real brothers. Also, the ending is adorable!!! However, for people waiting for a romantic end, you will be disappointed…

I must also tell that the characters in the drama are GREAT! Everyone represents a kind of person in the society. The oldest is cold and player, but he’s really rightful and respectful. The 2nd is the one who’s always talking and joking around. That’s why everybody misses him when he goes away. The 3rd one is the most manly. He already has a kid and he is quite responsible. The 4th one was scared of girls. But he’s the one scaring me because of his makeup. Anyways, he’s a model and he’s nice to everyone! The 5th is the most silent and nice. He was afraid to get out of his room and so, he’s a intro person. But he’s kawaiiii!! The 6th is the youngest. He’s innocent and he just got those great ideas. I loved when he said: “She’s not my mom” to Chisato. He loved his “mother” so much! I’d like to have a family like this… ❤

Although it seems perfect, it is not. It’s just that after watching the drama, we just remember the good things. I thank 0xangelx0 for the comment, because it’s true. For people who needs cheer in his/her life, it’s a great drama. It’s plenty of hope. It just makes you happy when you see it.

6 thoughts on “My Boys

  1. I really like the drama! I watch it again & again. It’s totally FUNNY! Especially the time when Chisato came to the Trick Heart Castle and meet Sinzo’s adopted sons, and also the lawyer, Koganei Kyogo, that keeps appearing out of nowhere. Kyahahaha! Very funny! Arigatou!~ =3

  2. this drama was absolutely the best ever………i love watching chisato….she is so cute…….i support this movie……

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