On Air



  • Lee Bum Soo (Jang Ki Joon)
  • Kim Ha Neul (Oh Seung Ah)
  • Park Yong Ha (Lee Kyung Min)
  • Song Yoon Ah (Seo Young Eun)

Year: 2008

Episodes: 21 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 20,7% Nationwide, 21,8% Seoul


Oh Seung Ah is the top actress around Seoul. Her name can save any company, no matter in what state they are in. However, after refusing a prize on a live Award Ceremony, the story really begins. She first breaks off her contract with her old agency to join Jang Ki Joon‘s, although he just went bankrupt. Seung Ah saves Ki Joon‘s company, but now has to work with PD Lee Kyung Min and scriptwriter Seo Young Eun in order to produce the best drama around. The troubles already started, as Young Eun can’t seem to work with Seung Ah‘s attitude, and Kyung Min with hers. They have a whole drama to present in a short time, but it already starts off on a bad foot. Will they be able to be on time, and on top of that, successfully reach their rating goal?

StrawBan’s Review: 


Long story short, I started this with my cousin a few months ago, because I went to visit her and this happened to be on TV. At first, I was really not into it, maybe because I started it at episode 14 and therefore, didn’t know what the story was about, but I must admit it was better than some other really childish cartoon or news on other channels. I got pretty into it after a few episodes, as I picked up the story more and more. So, when I got home, I watched it from the beginning, and maybe it’s because I kept skipping the parts I’ve already seen or something, it didn’t really catch my attention that much.

The storyline is very epic, and Seung Ah’s attitude too. I don’t know why, but it seems that in every drama, the famous actress needs to be bitchy with that super annoying attitude. I hope that’s not what it’s like in real life! Or else, I pity the production team, especially in this drama. Maaaan, you want to shoot Seung Ah sometimes. But, the director too. Everyone’s so so so so soooo stubborn in this story! I still liked it better than I thought I would, because I’m not too interested in those behind the scenes or production dramas. And trust me, there is drama even behind the scenes of a drama production!

Although Seung Ah is TOTALLY a pain in the you-know-where, I really love her acting. It seems soooo real. Especially when she has to act as Seung Ah, then act the role Seung Ah has to act in that drama production, AND on top of that, while acting out that role, she has to put some Seung-Ah attitude in there. That’s amazing! I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to do that in my whole life. Not that I want to be an actress … anyways, details!

I really like the violin instrumental too. It’s very dramatic-symphony like. Brings out the intense moments even more!

I put that grade up there, because of the storyline, because the actors, even if I didn’t mention them that much, are really good. The PD is somewhat indifferent at times, but he can be really sad and happy at others. I just felt that he was somewhat shy, maybe, at moments. The scriptwriter … haha, she’s so hilarious. You always have this really stubborn but kind person in all dramas, and she’s definitely the one. The manager Ki Joon … what to say about him? He just felt really cold, and I didn’t like him in the beginning because I always thought that he was a weirdo. But he really love Seung Ah, and that’s something to be admired.

Last but not least, I still enjoyed this drama. I would suggest this to someone who likes romance, korean epic drama, and behind the scenes/making of dramas. Maybe a bit of comedy, but really, don’t expect this to be Shrek.


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