The Rose

薔薇之戀 / 蔷薇之恋 / Chiang Wei Chih Lien / Qiang Wei Zhi Lian


  • Ella Chen (Zheng Bai He)
  • Jerry Huang (Han Jin)
  • Joe Cheng (Han Kui)
  • Joelle Lu (Han Fu Rong)
  • Selina Ren (Zhuang Zhe Qin / Da Ya Man)
  • Hebe Tian (Xiao Feng)

Year: 2003

Episodes: 26 (60 minutes)

Opening: “Hua Dou Kai Hao Le” (Flowers have blossomed) by S.H.E

Ending: “Ye Zi” (Leaf) by Ah Sang


Zheng Bai He is an extremely ordinary young girl who has a kind and generous heart, even if she’s often refused by people because of being short and chubby. She’s treated as the ugly duckling everywhere she goes. After her grandmother died, Bai He discovers that her mother is an actress living with her three children (excluding her) from different fathers. She moves in the house, and gradually, she falls in love with her older brother Han Jin, while Han Kui starts developing feelings for her. Living in the same family, although they are from different fathers, how will they ever get out of this web of tangled relationship?

StrawBan’s Review: 


I think this drama was pretty draggy … It moved soooooo slowly! But I must admit, Joe Cheng’s acting in here was completely insane. Literally. His character was insane! I mean, what a messed up life he had. [SPOILERS] Seriously, he fell in love with his brother Jin, and then, when he finally got over this incest business with him because he’d never turn around, he falls in love with her sister! Maaaan. [/SPOILERS] It’s also pretty abnormal, now that I’ve seen him  in many other dramas (It Started With a Kiss, They Kiss Again, Love or Bread, etc), his long hair is sooooo weird! But his hair looks so soft … OKAY getting away from the main topic! So yeah, I basically watched this partly because S.H.E played in here, but also for the amazing acting of Joe Cheng. I think he wasn’t as popular back then, but this drama definitely boosted up his acting ranking.

The music is waaaaay sad too! The song “Leaf” and the main theme of the drama “The Rose” by Bette Midler are both very very pretty.

Well, I gotta say this drama was a bit overly sad for me, and more or less overly dramatic. I mean, it’s not the usual korean drama with all the misunderstandings, it’s just because it revolves around several impossible loves. But I think the characters are well presented, just … the plot missed something that catches our attention.

By the way, did I mention, I LOVE JOELLE LU IN THIS DRAMA … ? Well, now I did, so yeah! She’s amazing, I love her. Seriously, the whole family would fall apart if it wasn’t for her.


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