The Outsiders 2

斗鱼 2 / Fighting Fish 2


  • Dylan Kuo as Yu Hao
  • Ady An as Xiao Yan Zi
  • Michael Zhang as Ah Qi
  • Show Lo as Ah Lie
  • Joelle Lu as Hong Dou

Year: 2004

Episodes: 20 (45 min)

Opening: “Hui Se Kong Jian” 灰色空间 by Show Lo

Ending: “Ni Shuo” 你说 by Chen Ke Hao

Season 1.


In order to not let herself be Yu Hao‘s burden any longer, Yu Yan tries diligently to get rid of her delicate and weak image and turns herself into “the big sister”. Even though Yu Hao doesn’t like Yu Yan’s transformation, yet he is unable to stop her. As a result, misunderstandings and conflicting opinions gradually draws a barrier between them.
On the other hand, because of Yu Hao’s popularity, the boss of the Eagle Gang, Xiong Ge, wants to dampen Yu Hao’s spirit and plans to bring up conflicts between Yu Hao and other gangs. This causes Yu Hao to be faced with a crisis
from both the good and the bad sides. At this time, under-cover cop, Ah Lie secretly shows up at Yu Hao’s side and becomes good friends with him. Step by step, he gathers information on the gang’s affairs and wants to destroy the Eagle Gang with one blow.
Just when Yu Hao and Yu Yan’s relationship starts to get intense and unknowingly allows a “wolf” into their circle, the policeman who has helped Yu Hao ever since he was a child – Hui Shu – gets the information that Yu Hao is going to be framed by someone and could be used as a target for peace. Hui Shu does his best to convince Yu Hao to temporarily leave the mafia, lay low until something blows over, or else, once Yu Hao gets locked away in prison, at least four years of his youth would be lost.
Essbee’s Opinion: 

75% It’s quite hard to get used to the 2nd season. When we know that so many people died at the end, and now that they’re alive… We need at least an episode to get used to it. Also, we feel pretty lost until we clearly remember what happened just before the beginning… and try to forget all the things which happened after the second half of the 1st season. Also, all the songs changed and sometimes, we still think that “this” song would come back… (Lydia).

It’s so sad that we don’t see Blue Lan. Even though he’s in jail, he could at least made a special appearance or something. Of course, we see some new important actors such as Show Lo. He didn’t changed a lot since then until today. He looks a little younger.. and he changed his haircut. Ady An has short hair! That’s so unusual…

I like how the director made the story realistic since the TO2 is in between episode 10 & 11… While there had a “4 Years Later”… Everything was so coherent!!

Actually, I feel the deep feelings in this drama… However, it’s sometimes very uneasy and it’s hard to take the drama easy. Everyone keeps too many secrets, and as a watcher, it’s hard to know everything, while knowing that other characters don’t know it.

And I can tell… the end was dramatic…

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