The Outsiders

鬥魚 / Fighting Fish


  • Dylan Kuo (Yu Hao / Hao Ge)
  • Ady An (Pei Yu Yan / Xiao Yan Zi)
  • Lan Cheng Long (Dan Li Jie / Dan Zi)
  • Joelle Lu (Hong Dou)
  • Michael Zhang (Yang Xun Qi / Ah Qi)
  • Dai Jun Zhu (Shao Xiao Die)

Year: 2004

Episodes: 20 (45 minutes)

Opening song: 不公平 “Bu Gong Ping” by Jenny Yang

Ending song: Lydia by F.I.R

Season 2.


The story is about 3 guys (Dylan Kuo, Blue Lan, Michael Zhang) that are friends since they were young. They were fighting to gain what they want even though they are not in any triads. Later on, Dylan Kuo was injured by the other triads and Ady An saved his life from them. He falls in love for her, but their personalities were totally opposed. Ady An decide to abandon her family and follow Dylan Kuo. There were too many problems, the 3 guys finally join the triads in order to protect  Ady An. But was that a good choice?

Libby’s opinion:


I think that it is what we call a dramatic drama!! Well, there is violence almost all the time. However, I really like the love story. Even though there were many obstacles, the couple fought to be together. [SPOILER]I felt so sad at the end when the second girl main character died .. I was traumatized by that… [SPOILER] I love the OST, especially Lydia: I think it really fits in the drama’s atmosphere.

Michael Zhang is so different, he changed a lot since this drama when we compare it to his most recent drama (Down With Love) and Blue Lan almost didn’t change compare to Easy Fortune Happy Life.

In general, I like this drama!

Essbee’s Opinion

80% This is really, really great. I don’t know why I loved this kind of drama… Perhaps because of the handsome actors? This kind of fight, mafia stories are not my type. The first time I’ve seen it, two years ago, I didn’t like it. However, so many people loved it, so I jumped into it once again. Now, I know better the actors. Blue Lan, that charismatic dude, is adorable! He didn’t change at all from The Outsiders to P.S Man (2010). I really loved his character: he’s so intelligent and funny. As many people said, (and I REALLY agree about that) he’s character, Dan Zi, resembles a little to Lei from Meteor Garden… Michael Zhang really was surprising. After seeing him as the serious bad guy in Hot Shot, as the nice friend in Down With Love, he’s totally CRAZY in this drama. That only proves that he’s a great actor. Also, I got to know the younger Ady An (who played in Autumn’s Concerto recently). She’s really pretty in here, and I loved her style after the 10th episode. Dylan Kuo, the lead actor is also really cool… but he didn’t really amaze me…

The story is very unusual compared to the romantic/comedy style I watch usually. The mafia story is really special and it even differs from the police/suspense drama I’ve seen, as Black & White or Iris. In The Outsiders, we like the bad guys! I feel totally thrilled when I’m watching. Once in a while, I have to stop because it’s too much emotions for me [SPOILER]As when Xiao Yan Zi got rapped… and when Shan Zi killed that guy… [SPOILER] And the ending was soo dramatic! The last three episodes could make us die of anger! Too much deaths…

The music was beautiful. However, as there weren’t many important songs. The Lydia song was really great, but they’ve repeated it too many times! There were few random songs that we hear… and yeaah…. So in general, I would say that the drama is really interesting. I understand why people like it…

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