• Nakama Yukie (Yamaguchi Kumiko)
  • Matsumoto Jun (Sawada Shin)
  • Namase Katsuhisa (Sawatari Goro – Vice Principal)
  • Utsui Ken (Kuroda Ryuichiro – Kumiko’s grandpa)
  • Kaneko Ken (Asakura Tetsu – henchman)
  • Sawamura Ikki as Shinohara Tomoya (Police Officer)

Year: 2002

Episodes: 12 (45 minutes)

Ratings: 17.43

Ending: “Feel Your Breeze” by V6

Season 2.


Yamaguchi Kumiko, 4th generation heir to the Ooedo yakuza (japanese mafia) Group, is a young and idealistic teacher who enters Shirokin Gakuen to make a difference in the students’ life. She must keep her identity secret or else, she will get expelled. However, she finds out that she’s the assigned homeroom teacher of 3-D class, where all the rebels of the school are. When she enters the class, the students with multi-colored hair and sloppy uniforms show no respect to her, only the leader of the class, Sawada Shin, notices that she’s different from the other teachers. Even after bullied, Kumiko still continues teaching. Eventually, students learn to respect their teacher because of her devotion to them, and give her the nickname of Yankumi.

**Sequel : Gokusen II and Gokusen III



StrawBan’s Review90%

I don’t really know what to say here, but this is definitely one of the deep-meaning sort of drama. It’s like Nobuta wo Produce, it’s teaching us what is the right way to live. I can’t say there’s no lecturing in the drama, because there is, but I enjoyed the lecturing. It’s good that they show it with real life example of things that usually people might talk about but won’t even reflect on because well, it’s just a bunch of words. But this really brings them out. You just have to watch it yourself to know.

Nakama Yukie is really good at acting! She’s soooo funny with the police officer. And also when she sometimes switches to yakuza dialect and others would all be staring at her, and she’d just be all “Huh? Uh .,.. uhhh I meaaann ….” and say something completely random that sounds alike xD Oh and … Matsumoto Jun is just so cute. And when Kumiko/Yankumi is all like, good going guys, I know you’re good kids with big big heart, they’re happy and proud, but since they’re delinquents, they’re always like “Shut up ….

Oh and I’m also addicted to that one song in this drama xD (Feel Your Breeze). The other songs are all instrumental, and I guess that turns out to be the case of most of the J-dramas out there. But it’s really a good song! And the ending … is soooooooo sad but I loved it. It fits perfectly with the rest of the drama. I’d totally rewatch this if I had time … maybe when school’s over ;D


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