Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

쾌걸 춘향 / Kwae-geol Chun-hyang / Sassy Girl Chun Hyang / Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang / Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang


  • Han Chae Young (Sung Choon-Hyang)
  • Jae Hee (Lee Mong-ryong)
  • Uhm Tae-Woong (Byeon Hak-do)
  • Park Si-Eun (Hong Chae-rin)

Year: 2005

Episodes: 17 (60 minutes)

Ratings: 24.3%


The story begins when Lee Mong-ryong is transferred from Seoul to a high school in Namwon, North Jeolla Province. Chun-hyang does her best to help Mong-ryong, her first love and the son of the Namwon Police Station chief, to enter a prestigious university. However, after meeting with Mong-ryong’s first love, Chae-rin, Mong-ryong’s love toward Chun-hyang is shattered, although Chun-hyang’s love remains unwavering. One day, Byeon Hak-do, CEO of a famous entertainment company, appears in her life. He exudes confidence that he can make any woman fall for him. But as Chun-hyang shows no interest in him, his self-esteem is damaged profoundly. Byeon Hak-do is determined to make her love him.

Libby’s opinion:


[to be continued]

Essbee’s opinion


OMG! This is the first time I hate the “other guy” THAT much! He’s sooo selfish! Usually, they are the good guy, but now… I just wanted to kill him. Also, As usual, the “other girl” is also a !!!!…. I feel almost sad for CL (2NE1) to have the same name as her… *sigh* And again, I must repeat that I HATE THEM!!!!

Jae Hee is sooo handsome!! I love when he smiles! I love his expressions! I love when he cries! I love when he runs!!! He’s just A-DO-RA-BLE!!! SARANGHEYO JAE HEE!

And, for once, the pretty actress is not “ugly”, “stupid” and others…. in her character… coz she’s really pretty… woahh.~~

I love the song “Eung Geun Shil” from Izi… and “Haeng Bok Ha Gil Ba Rae” from Lim Hyung Joo… ❤

GREAT GREAT GREAT drama… I fell in love with it.. and with the actor in the same time… even though his really old… (31 years!!)

Serisouly, watch it!

StrawBan’s opinion


So after watching Who Are You, I decided to watch this because it was highly recommended by the two above, lol. And I must say, after I have seen the excellent and amazing drama, Who Are You, I was not deceived by this one! The other guy is really getting my nerves though. He’s like always clinging to Choon Hyang and it makes Jae Hee jealous. Not that I don’t like seeing him jealous, he’s soooo cute, haha!

OH! The two songs above are also very very very very (I insist) VERY addictive! Especially the Popera one (Pop/Opera) (Yes I just invented that word, okay?)! The first time you hear it, like, not in the drama, because I didn’t really listen that much to the actual song while watching the drama, but when you download the OST and seriously listen to it, at first it was realllyyy strange. I would’ve NEVER EVER thought of mixing k-pop with opera, but to my surprise, it ended up being really good!

Okay, now, about the drama. I loved how the two of them never gave up, especially Jae Hee! Omgosh he’s so cuutee. His smile is so happy and his 90° angled arm when he runs is hilarious!  I totally recommend you to watch this.


3 thoughts on “Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

  1. Omg, Jae Hee! His name here (Mong Ryong) and in Witch Yoo-Hee (Moo Ryong) are like the same x] And I knooow his smile is like ❤

    I felt like leaving a comment.

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