Wonderful Life

원더풀 라이프 / Wondeopool Laipeu


  • Kim Jae Won (Han Seung Wan)
  • Eugene (Jung Se Jin)
  • Lee Ji Hoon (Min Do Hyun)
  • Han Eun Jung (Lee Chae Young)

Year: 2005

Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)

Theme song: “Babo” by Park Hye Kyung


Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bumps into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other’s passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end up spending the day together. Both having to deal with love complications, they end up drunk and having a one night stand. Back in Korea, Se Jin discovers she is pregnant and leaves to have the baby alone. A year later, Se Jin‘s clueless sister ends up spilling the secret to Seung Wan at his engagement party, showing up with his baby daughter. Seung Wan and Se Jin are then forced to marry by their respective families. Complicated love takes place between Do Hyun, Se Jin, Chae Young and Seung Wan. The rest of the story revolves around the family’s journey in learning to take responsibility, and learning to love each other.


Essbee’s Review


This drama is very interesting. Actually, the first part isn’t that good.  At first, I didn’t like any actors except Eugene, the lead actress. She’s so pretty and I just love her. She changed three times of hair cut but seriously, everything goes well on her. I didn’t like the lead actor because he seemed like a young boy. [However, I loved his acting. He really seemed growing up after having a baby… At the end, he was so more mature and a perfect daddy~~] I didn’t like the support actor because he looked too bad. [I don’t know why.. he just had a weird expression…] I didn’t like the support actress because she looked too bitch. I didn’t like anyone.

HOWEVER!, the story was very interesting, so I continued… And then. when we got onto the second part, where the little girl was about 4, I just loved everyone. They all seemed more mature. Also, I loved the way the story turned up to. Okay, what I’m going to tell isn’t a real spoiler. The little girl is going to have a sickness. The story gets really amazingly better when we start seeing that adorable little girl and she soooo CUTE! Even the family members (The crazy sister, the mother-in-aw who doesn’t like her daughter-in-law…) started being so nice and… WOW. I love Shin-bi and her way of talking! Oh! The best friend of Seung Wan is sooo hilarious! He’s so nice! Also, I loved the ending. On the last episode, I was almost praying to God so the story ends up nicely… It was a nice, calm, cute ending. The music is also really nice.

Oh! And I think that the beginning of the story is a little similar to Delightful Girl Choon-Hyung. They almost aired one after another…

So in conclusion, I didn’t love the first part even though it wasn’t that bad. However, I loved the 2nd part (After they got Shinbi) and I cried a lot… [I’d say that the first part would be a 72% and the 2nd part would be 96%] Good! Have a wonderful life! 😀

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