Witch Yoo-Hee

마녀유희 / Witch Amusement / Witch Yoo Hee / A Witch in Love


  • Han Ga In (Ma Yoo Hee)
  • Jae Hee (Chae Moo Ryong)
  • Jun Hye Bin (Nam Seung Mi)
  • Kim Jeong Hoon (Yoo Joon Ha)
  • Dennis Oh (Johnny Kruger)

Year: 2007

Episodes: 16

Ratings: 13.8 (Nationwide) / 14,8 (Seoul)

Theme Song : “Oon myung eh jang nan” by MC Jinri (feat. HaHa)


Ma Yoo Hee, a director at her father’s advertising company, is known as a witch for her violent and nonsense character. After a few attempt at getting a housekeeper, she bumps into Chae Moo Ryong, ex-medical student who is now an aspiring chef. As a way to compensate the car he crashed into, Moo Ryong agrees to become her housekeeper and eventually becomes her personal love affairs coach for a month. After the makeover, Yoo Hee attacts both her old friend Johnny Kruger and her first love Joon Ha. Despire having a girlfriend, Sung Mi, Moo Ryong eventually finds himself falling for Yoo Hee also.


StrawBan’s Review:


Okay. To tell the truth, I didn’t really want to watch this at first, because I’ve never heard about it from anyone, so I was guessing it wasn’t so popular, but I ended up watching because of Kim Jeong Hoon, with his amazing acting in Goong-Princess Hours. But yeah, he was still the bad guy in the end, and I really wanted to kick his butt at the end. The storyline itself isn’t extraordinarily attractive, but I really liked the character of Han Ga In-Ma Yoo Hee. She always makes it look really natural, as if it was her real self. And no need to say anything about Jae Hee, he’s an amazing actor. I wish he would do more movies~!

Also, I’ve learned alot about food with this drama. Er, yeah, I think it’s a bit out of context, but really! Since Moo Ryong works in a fancy-ish restaurant, there’s alot of details to pay attention to, and since he’s really pro, he does everything so perfectly. Sometimes I wonder if he was the one doing everything from the beginning to the end … hmm. Gotta investigate on that.

I don’t remember much about the music though. However, I never really paid attention, because everything was like water flowing down the river, smooth and everything.


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