Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

花ざかりの君たちへ / Hanazakari no Kimitachi e / For You in Full Blossom


  • Horikita Maki (Ashiya Mizuki)
  • Oguri Shun (Sano Izumi)
  • Ikuta Toma (Nakatsu Shuchi)
  • Kamikawa Takaya (Umeda Hokuto – School Nurse)
  • Ishigaki Yuma (Tennoji Megumi – 1st Dorm Leader)
  • Mizushima Hiro (Nanba Minami – 2nd Dorm Leader)
  • Kyo Nobuo (Oscar Himejima Masao – 3rd Dorm Leader)
  • Iwasa Mayuko (Hanayashiki Hibari – Leader of Hibari 4)

Year: 2007

Episodes: 12 (45min)


Ashiya Mizuki, a girl who lived in California, came back to Japan in order to make her high jump idol, Sano Izumi, jump again. But, the thing is, the only way to reach him is to dress up as a guy and enter his guy-only school. Slowly, she learns to love him while unveiling the reason Sano has quit high jump.


StrawBan’s Review:


This drama is more of a comedy than an actual drama! Sure there are some love triangle like in every drama, but this one was really funn from beginning to end! Plus, it’s japanese-style, so it’s really easy and fast to watch. I had fun seeing Mizuki struggling because she didn’t know exactly how to act like a guy-guy. It was also funny when she was almost found out but then escaped. Her expressions are priceless! After seeing the taiwanese version of this drama, I thought I’d have less pleasure watching it since I already knew the whole storyline, but at my surprise, it was still pretty amazing. Also, Nakatsu was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally funny, haha. It was always refreshing to see his confused face and also when he was in his dreaming and denial state, it was so cute. All the rest actors were playing their role and it wasn’t just a story turning around those two. It also gave us a good look on the whole school society, and how everyone, who used to hate each other because they were in dorm-competition, ended up being just a big family. The ending was touching, and leaves you with some sort of questioning. Overall, I suggest this drama!


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