Momo Love

Tao Hua Xiao Mei / 桃花小妹


  • Cyndi Wang (Chen Tao Hua)
  • Jiro Wang (Shi Lang)
  • Huang Jing Lun (Chen Yu Yi)
  • Calvin Chen (Xue Zhi Qiang)

Year: 2009-2010

Episodes: 13 (70 min)

Ratings: 1.00

Opening: “What If I Fall In Love with You” 喜欢你怎么办 by Cyndi Wang

Ending: “Very Quiet” 很安静 by Fahrenheit


Chen Tao Hua is a special girl and she’s also a whirlwind figure, but for her being special is not entirely her doing. It’s because of her four outstanding brothers: Chen Qi, Chen Cheng, Chen Zhuan, and Chen He. All four brothers are the “perfect guy,” but them being popular is not entirely on their outstanding traits and looks, but it’s their love for Tao Hua…

Of all the outstanding brothers, there’s bound to be one that’s different, the youngest brother, Yu Yi. He has run away from home seven times because he felt that he’s treated unfairly.

The four big brothers are finding reasons to oppose all guys for Tao Hua, because they feel that other than the 4 brothers, none is compatible for their youngest sister, Tao Hua… And then, Tao Hua meets an outstanding guy who is similar to her brothers; almost perfect and can not find any reason not to go out with him…

Essbee’s Opinion:


Well, I think that most of people have the same opinion as me. It was pretty boring. At the first episode, it was already slow and it seemed weird. However, I continued, expecting something more exciting. Since that never happened, so I stopped, but I still watched [by fast-forwarding] the few episodes left.

All the characters represented a different stereotype. There were many small morals, but I felt like watching a documentary or something like that. People could see that this drama wasn’t successful by the ratings. Even though there is the excuse of competition with Hi My Sweetheart and Autumn’s Concerto, I think that the story does deserve this average.

The acting of Jiro was good, but I really didn’t like his character. Cyndi was too childish and the brothers were just so crazy. All the storyline doesn’t really have contents. The events were often repeating themselves. And seriously, the ending was just so… bizarre.

Fahrenheit sang a song for the drama, it has been a long time. I wonder if they are going to disband. I’m not a big fan, but some songs are really adorable.

However, there were still some interesting parts. So, I’d like to know comments about people who liked it, their arguments…


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