Love Or Bread

Wo De Yi Wan Mian Bao / 我的亿万面包


  • Joe Cheng (Frank/Cai Jin Lai)
  • Ariel Lin (Zhan Shan Mei)
  • Bryant Chang (Jin En Hao)
  • Zhang Yu Cheng (Huang Ling Long)

Year: 2008

Episodes: 12 (70 min)

Ratings: 1.68

Opening: A Million Carats of Happiness”  亿万克拉的幸福 by Bryant Chang

Ending: “The Taste of Bread” 面包的滋味 by Ariel Lin


Frank is a guy who lives his life in a façade, letting the world believe he’s a wealthy young gentlemen. When in fact he’s a lazy, procrastinating in debt pauper. While Shan Mei is a poor young woman, but kind, filial and very hard-working bread-winner of her family. They encounter each other when both are in need of housing, they end up sharing a broke-down old house together. Their characters totally opposite of each other, so they ultimately butt heads with each other, but share in common the need of money and a new destiny.

Essbee’s Opinion:78%

No, this is not a sequel and anything about  It Started With A Kiss. This is completely different from that story. Joe Cheng is a crazy dude and Ariel is… less dumb… However, I think that their acting is still good. It’s just that, as a viewer, we have to get used to the new characters.

I think that LOB is nothing compared to ISWAK. However, I still liked this drama since I tried to keep my opinion straightforward. Ok, that doesn’t make any sense, but anyways. The story is very cute, but I didn’r really loved the end. It was… weird, but it was “okay”. I really liked Frank’s best friend. He’s so nice!

The drama in general was good, but it’s really really hard to not compare it to ISWAK, and I think that it’s not a good ideal making a match for different dramas. We get all confused…


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