Down With Love

Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni / 就想赖着你


  • Ella Chen as Yang Guo
  • Jerry Yan as Xiang Yu Ping
  • Michael Zhang as Qi Ke Zhong
  • Kelly Huang as Yang Duo
  • Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiang Yu Ting
  • Ji Xin Ling as Xiang Yu Fei

Year: 2010

Episodes: 16 (75 min) [unconfirmed] / 28 (45 minutes) [Confirmed]

Ratings: [still airing]

Opening: “Just Want to Depend on You” 就想赖着你 by Jerry Yan

Ending: “Just To Love You” 爱上你 by S.H.E

Insert Song: Gift (礼物 li wu) and Praising You (崇拜你 Chong bai ni) by Jade Liu


Xiang Yu Ping, an expert divorce and inheritance lawyer, is seen by others as cold, selfish, and ruthless. After Yu Ping’s older brother dies in a car accident, he has little choice but to take in his brother’s two orphaned children, Fei and Ting. Every nanny he hires is either scared off by the mischievous children, or ends up falling in love with him. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements. Having lost all their wealth when their mother passed away and being abandoned by their father after racking up heavy debts; Yang Duo can not ignore the fact that she needs the money and recommends her younger sister Yang Guo for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by lying that she does not like men at all.

Videos + Review under the cut… 😀

Opening by Jerry Yan

Ending by S.H.E

Essbee’s Review


The story is really lovely. I loved the part where Yang Guo tried to “kill herself” because of her sister. Seriously, how could someone love money THAT much! I really like her acting, because I have rarely.. ok… never seen someone like that. I like how things are going fast, but not with ten thousands of dramatic events. It’s been the first time I love the misunderstandings they have. They are always soo funny!

Ella is such a funny actress! She makes me laugh non-stop! Her character is just so adorable. I love how her hair has this special strand. Jerry is now another type of person. He’s nice with people he knows and cold with outsiders. I just love his expressions! It’s really rare to see Jerry do THAT kind of things (While watching the horror movie.. XD) His girlfriend is pretty, but her voice annoys me. Not because of her own voice actually, but because it has been dubbed! It sounds just so weird. And I think that the voice is the same as the main actress in My Lucky Star… Not sure thou.

Michael Zhang is the support male cast. He’s so different with glasses! Also, when he was playing basketball with Jerry, it just reminded me so much of Hot Shot. I have to add that the best friend of Yang Guo is really cute.

As for the kids… I just love them, even if they were soo “bad” at the beginning! Of course, Xiao Xiao Bin is still as adorable! I can’t believe that a 5 years old kid can act that well! . Afterwards, they just love Ella and Jerry so much that it’s adorable! The story with their mom is soo sad, but who wouldn’t be happy for them? It’s so sad that we don’t see them “a last time”. I’ll miss them… 😦

And the father is soo… anormal. But I love him. He’s also soo funny! GOSH, all the actors are so funny here! xD Also, I love the link they made… like Ella with “Zhong Guo Hua” (S.H.E’s song) and Jerry with Meteor Garden (his drama).

I think that Down With Love is a little similar to Autumn’s Concerto. Xiao Xiao Bin acted in both. Moreover, both protagonists are lawyers. And there’s the other lawyer [the same actor who acted the nice one in AsC and the bad one in DWL]. OMG, it’s just soo funny the scene with this lawyer’s hair! I was soo ROFL! So these two dramas are now competing for ratings. However, the ratings of DWL was doing really great.. until it got pirated and… since all the episodes are on internet since two months, people’s are more interested in the other drama, PS Man.

The OST, now, is composed of 4 songs. You guys can listen to the opening and ending here… Jerry Yan’s opening is soo happy! And FINALLY, S.H.E sang a new song thanks to this drama. There a guy singing with them. He acts in the drama as the boyfriend of Yang Guo (Ella) who ditched her. Most soundtracks were sung by Jade Liu: Gift (礼物 Li Wu) and Praising You (崇拜你 Chong Bai Ni). She’s a great singer.

Okay, I know, this drama seems perfect, but there are negative points. First, the story just seems to turn around. He loves her, but she doesn’t. And then she love him, but he loves someone else. And that person doesn’t like him. And the story was just… always going like this. Even the sister entered this love circle.

Seriously, I love it! [SPOILER]The baby thing is so funny at the end![SPOILER]

11 thoughts on “Down With Love

    • Oh God… that takes hours…. sorry… we can’t afford to do that.. it’s too long…
      but I still hope u’ll support the drama and keep watching it every week ❤

  1. Just a few more information…

    They just released the music video for the ending song by S.H.E… =)

    __Taiwan Pop__

  2. “OMG, it’s just soo funny the scene with this lawyer’s hair! I was soo ROFL! ”

    HaHA….That’s exactly the scene that I fell in love with both jerry and ella characters.
    Ella was so funny without even trying. Jerry was so amused with what ella was doing with that laywer’s hair. She even said something like “you are so handsome!” LOL……

  3. i love this series so much! i love all the characters (yu ping, guo guo, duo, qi, yang pa, yu fei, yu tei, yan ling, … too many!)

    watching this always makes me feel 100x better. definitely a keeper! 😀

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