Mysterious Incredible Terminator

Pi Li MIT / 霹雳 MIT


  • Aaron Yan (Zhan Shi De aka 007)
  • Gui Gui (Li Xiao Xing aka Tian Mo Xing)
  • Lu Ting Wei (Qiao Fu Hao aka 187)
  • Alien Huang (Huang Hui Hong aka 747)
  • Christine Fan (Tao Mei Ren)
  • Zhang Shan Jie (Lu Ke Ying)

Year: 2008-2009

Episodes: 16 (70 min)

Opening: “Artery” 动脉 by Fahrenheit

Ending: “Red-Blooded Spirit” 热血精神 by Christine Fan


The legend of a team called MIT secretly protecting Sheng Ying School was never public acknowledged but nonetheless spread wildly among the student body. For some reason, the team had disappeared and evil began to rack havoc in the school. The last remaining member of MIT, Teacher Cherry, decided to recruit the badest of all bad students, 007, 187, 747 and Tian Mo Xing, to form a new generation of MIT who would solve the crimes and restore the school back to its former glory.

Essbee’s Opinion:


Actually, I really loved this drama… maybe I should give some more pourcentages… but I mean, compare to other dramas, such as DBY, ISWAK… yea… But I really really liked it. This is a totally different style of drama. I was so in it that I was watching at night… in the dark… and totally freaked out. More the story goes on, more you feel awkward…

As for the actors, Aaron Yan is sooooo handsome! He is so cute, a-do-rable! He’s acting gets better in every drama. It’s so sad when we learned that he has got the ménière sickness. It’s so scary… And, it’s so sad that I can’t talk about anything about the storyline since every event is a punch. Then, there was Gui Gui. She’s such a cute little girl! I found her haircuts in the drama really funny! They were… original… The twins story was so surprising, I would never have guessed it… (Go watch it if you’re curious!). Then Alien Huang is my favorite! He’s the simple-minded boy. I just loved his character and his acting. Then, Lu Ting Wei’s character is just so funny with his girls… And Christine Fan’s character wasn’t very special. I found her too… normal… But she’s nice… I like her!

There were only two songs in the OST. I don’t really remember, but there should be some instrumental musics to make up the suspense and everything.

In every episodes, there are new actors with a different story, but of course, they are all linked together. By the way, the end is freak! All the people I know who saw the drama really liked the drama, but didn’t LOVE it… I’d say it’s an enjoyable drama.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious Incredible Terminator

  1. Cool^^ I am also love this drama and want Aaron Yan and Gui Gui have another drama gain 😀 LOVE GuiLun<3
    I just created one blog about guilun 🙂 if you have time visit mine

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