Knock Knock Loving You

敲敲愛上你 / Qiao Qiao Ai Shang Ni / Quietly Falling  in Love with You


  • Dylan Kuo (Cheng Xue Ge)
  • Maggie Wu (Yao Zi Wang)
  • Ming Dao (Zhao Guan Xi)
  • Coco Jiang (Zhao Guan Li)

Year: 2009

Episodes: 13 (60 minutes)

Opening: “Ni Fei Ba” by Chang Yun Jing

Ending: “Hei Qun Zi” by Chang Yun Jing


Cheng Xue Ge has lived a perfect life and has never known the dark sight of the world until his father’s company goes bankrupt. In order to save and restore the company, he has to learn from his rival, Yao Zi Wang. She’s a shrewd but very successful businesswoman. While working together, Xue Ge slowly finds out that her cold and ruthless nature is to protect her battered heart. However, before he could sort out his feelings for her, another successful businessman Zhao Guang Xi already had his eyes on her for her talents and proposes to her.

Guest’s Opinion:


This was actually not of what I expected. It was pretty amazing, seeing how all three of them are awesome actors, but the story just didn’t really hook me up. But that’s just me, I don’t really like when there’s too much business involved, because this drama is really around business and romance. I still enjoyed watching it though, the scenery is pretty and refreshing, there are even horses! The music went with a flow with the story, and emphasis on the important moments.

[SPOILER]The other thing is that … the ending was really random. I didn’t really get anything, and it would be NICE if we knew what actually happened after. Maybe they ran out of ideas or something, lol.[/SPOILER]


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